The 365-day challenge

Not easy, but worth it.

I have a confession to make: it took me roughly an hour before I had something to write about. Is it writer’s block or have I really lost the flair for my third love, blogging? (My first love is singing. Writing comes next.)

Gone are the days when I spend each night updating my old Multiply account. After college graduation, I busied myself in trying to cement a place for myself in the corporate ladder that I unconsciously forgot about blogging.

Of course, there were instances when I tried to get into the groove. I wrote about how much I miss the old Multiply ambiance, and how I miss writing about anything. I also made a Blogspot account as a repository for my previous works. Just a few months ago, I thought of creating a blog site dedicated to my fourth love, beauty pageants. Since I’ve been writing analysis and commentaries for a beauty pageant forum, why not put those “articles” in a site I can call my own? But it just remained a thought.

But as the cliche goes: once a writer, always a writer. Once a blogger, always a blogger.

I watched Julie & Julia (2009) a few days ago. In the film, Julie Powell blogs about her self-imposed challenge of cooking one recipe a day from Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking. I found it actually cool. And since the New Year is coming, I thought it would be best if I set a short-term goal for myself, just like Julie.

Being the frustrated singer that I am, I initially considered recording a song each day, which summarizes my emotions for that particular day. Baka maubusan ako ng kanta, I thought. Idea, rejected. Why not join the photo-a-day bandwagon? I don’t have a decent camera. I don’t even update my Instagram account regularly. Idea, rejected.

While on my way home after work yesterday (Mabuhay ang mga may pasok kapag holiday!), the best and most probably the most practical idea was conceived. I have a working laptop and a not-so-reliable internet connection. I’m a self-proclaimed writer and I miss blogging. Why not just write a blog everyday?

And so I present to you this, my 365-day blogging challenge. I am so looking forward to sitting in front of the computer each night writing a story. So help me, Bro.

(For inspiration, I posted that photo above from a friend’s Instagram account.)

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