‘May girlfriend ka na ba?’

Photo from GMA News Online
Photo from GMA News Online

Nakakatawa ‘yung mga sagot sa ‘O, kailan ka ikakasal?,” a workmate said over lunch.

Tulad ng?” asked another.

O, kailan ka mamamatay?” Everyone burst out laughing.

I googled that phrase out of curiousity, and it led me to a GMA News article titled “Fantasy answers to that eternal query, ‘O, kelan ka ikakasal?’” What a laugh fest, because other answers were more hilarious. My favorite? “Kapag umamin na si Piolo Pascual, Jed Madela at Enchong Dee.

While I agree that this one’s an “eternal”questions during family gatherings, I have one in mind as the most popular query: “May girlfriend ka na ba?

Inspired by that GMA News article, here are my top answers to that question.

Wala.” And if the person asks “Bakit?“, the second best answer comes, “Required ba?”

“Focus muna sa studies/work.” Wala nang “Bakit?” ‘yan, believe me.

“Magastos.” No honey, more money!

“Walang magkamali.” Slash wrist.

And the most controversial answer: “Boyfriend kasi ang hanap ko.” Just prepare for interrogation.

2 thoughts on “‘May girlfriend ka na ba?’

  1. Wow Drew! (Biglang tumugtog yung “I’ll make a man out of you” sa utak ko haha,) You’re blogging! 🙂

    “Busy ako” is my default answer. Pero yung totoo, kung may bet jowain walang busy busy! Lol

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