My 2013 to-do list

Boracay Island, June 2010. (Photo by Drew)
Boracay Island, June 2010. (Photo by Drew)

I want to keep this short and on point, so here are the top things I want to do before 2013 ends:

Obtain a Philippine passport. I envy people my age who have already traveled abroad. And the first step toward erasing that envy is by having a passport.

Hit the beach. It doesn’t matter if its Batangas, Boracay, Puerto Galera or anywhere, I just want to lie down on the sand and watch the waves hit the shore. Friends, please?

Buy a new phone. I have always wanted to buy a new and high-end one. But everytime I’m at a store, I think of more important things to buy so I just cancel the thought.

Revive the writer in me. Hence, the 365-day challenge.

Gain weight. At least hit my ideal weight of 118 lbs. 20lbs to go.

Improve my finances. I’m thinking of opening a passbook account without ATM so I won’t be tempted to use it for EPS. Strictly for savings. As my friend Sarah told me, “Salary – savings = expenses”.

Find love. This time, I’m really serious. I wanna know what love is (I could imagine you, dear reader, on the verge of hitting that close button. I can’t blame you). But no rush.

Last but not the least, pop the cherry. Just kidding!

Hopefully, I’ll be able to fulfill at least 80% of this to-do list before the year ends. Enjoy the weekend, y’all!

4 thoughts on “My 2013 to-do list

  1. Nice 365-day challenge, Drew! Congrats and hope to see 365 entries (+1 ka sa Dec. 31, 2013.) As I told Nicole, I got inspired by your year’s challenge too but I’m old school so I’ll try to fill up my two-year old moleskin. btw, I like your blog’s tagline.

    1. Thanks, Ma’am Mel! I think the 365 challenge is a good venue to practice our writing skills, as well as to reflect on the happenings in our lives. Would definitely like to see you have a web space in the nearest future. Cheers!

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