What to do if the need to de-stress arises

A cup of heaven. Perfect for cooling down. (Photo from deltashockwave.tumblr.com)
A cup of heaven. Perfect for cooling down. (Photo from deltashockwave.tumblr.com)

Sitting in front of the computer for eight hours a day a week could be stressful especially if you’re faced with tons of workload and a demanding client. The city’s hustle and bustle, the unpredictable weather, and the moody public transportation driver could also blow up your stress level. To free yourself from tension and anxiety, you need to find ways to de-stress. Let me share to you some of the things I do if the need arises.

Go to the comfort room. Living up to its name, I really find “comfort” inside  the comfort room. When I feel that my eyes are staring to feel heavy, of my mind can’t focus on the task on hand, I go to the CR. The temperature is warmer there, so my sleepy body tends to wake up. Doesn’t matter if I do Number 1 or Number 2, the comfort room is just the place to be for immediate de-stressing.

Do some head-desking. You might find this weird, but I do this when stress starts to creep in. By doing so, my head gets some restarting.

Increase water intake. I don’t know any scientific explanation to this, but when I drink more water, I feel regenerated. Just watch out for recurring need to go to the comfort room.

Stay away from Facebook and Twitter. Most of the time, people rant on social media. It could be more stressful to read them. Better hit the logout button for the meantime.

Listen to good music. Have a playlist of your favorite songs and singers. In my case, I have a John Mayer-Adele-Beyonce-Katy Perry-Ramdom OPM-Old songs ensemble just in case I need some de-stressing.

Eat a lot. They say eating a lot when you’re stressed is bad for the health. In my case, a 16oz cup of KitKat Blizzard is enough to keep me sane.

Watch a movie alone. I enjoy going to the movie house all by myself. You only have yourself to attend to. No one’s there to ask you questions or give unnecessary comments in the middle of the movie. Believe me, you’ll appreciate a film better if you see it all my yourself.

Visit an arcade center. Play basketball. Spend a few bucks on slot machines. Ride a stationary motorbike. Bring out the child in you.

Watch porn. Or checkout photos of your celebrity crush. Might not be applicable to all, but this is very relaxing for me.

Lastly, read a book until you fall asleep. Nothing beats the feeling of reading a good book while you’re neatly tucked in your sheets. Plus the silence of the night. Serenity!

These are just some of the things I do when I feel the need to release tension. Sometimes, we just need to step back and just do the things that can make us happy. I hope some of these tips can help you, dear reader.

Share your de-stressing rituals, too.

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