unlucky-13Thirteen equals bad luck.

I grew up believing that the number thirteen brings misfortune. I used to dread every 13th day of the month that falls on a Friday. When I turned 13, I always tell people asking me that I’m already 14 years old, unless I had to fill-out pertinent papers. Despite these “fears”, I still believe I don’t have triskaidekaphobia.

But I never had real encounters of bad luck with the dreaded number until yesterday.

I was writing a very long blog entry for day 13 of my 365-day challenge. And since I was too lazy to proofread, I never bothered making a backup file. But the odds weren’t on my side. While I was about to publish my entry, the screen showed an error page. And poof, (it became Kokocrunch!) the entry which took me an hour to write went away without a trace. And so I tried to rewrite everything, but of course I can’t recall everything. But the WordPress page just won’t show up. Tried every browser I could use but still, the error page showed up. It was past 1am and past my bedtime. I just gave up.

True enough, 13 equals bad luck.

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