Five best moments in ‘Les Mis’

I’m still having that Les Miserables (2012) hangover. And so, to make this hangover a fruitful one, I made a list of my top five moments in the Tom Hooper film.

anne hathaway

1) Fantine sob-singing I Dreamed a Dream. Arguably the most anticipated scene in the movie, and Anne Hathaway didn’t disappoint. She sang her heart out with so much anguish and pain, I really felt she was Fantine and not Catwoman. Short but memorable portrayal.


2) Helena Bonham Carter and Sacha Baron Cohen as the crooked Thénardier couple. They provided comic relief in the film and they delivered so damn well, especially at the wedding reception scene.


3) Marius singing Empty Chairs at Empty Tables. Actually, every moment with Eddie Redmayne. His masculine, baritone voice was just perfect for the song. His acting was commendable.


4) Eponine singing On My Own under the rain. That moment when you realize you are Eponine, because you can relate to her struggle. Heart-wrenching! Plus Samantha Barks‘ acting was credible. She may not have the perfect vocals, but she really delivered.


5) Eponine dying in Marius’ arms after they sang A Little Fall of Rain. Poignant! The moment when I cried so hard. Samantha and Eddie stole the spotlight there. They were pleasant surprises. Definitely the best performance in the movie.

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