The notebook


While rearranging the pile of books and notebooks on my bedside shelf, I saw this little green notebook. It was my 2007 journal, a Papemelroti notebook given by my friend Ching. After decluttering my room, I sat on my bed and opened the dusty little book.

I can’t help but laugh at most of the entries. Some were purely kababawan, while the others are bordering suicidal. But I also can’t help but compare how big six years make a difference in my life.

Back then, Natural Science and Logic gave me headaches (I still can’t forget that I got a 74 for that Logic prelims). A simple video from way back 2000 made me very happy. How I hated heavy rains because I wanted to go to school. I kept on repeating how badly I wanted to make it to the dean’s list I enjoyed staying at the then newly erected Tan Yan Kee building because it’s lobby was fully air-conditioned. I crammed homeworks. Cheered for every conversation with my then apple of the eye. How I dreaded that class with the wide-eyed monster professor. God knows how I miss those days.

These may not be case today, but the things I listed on my then New Year’s resolution seem still applicable.

Third: Have more love for work. I need to get motivated each day. But this is easy for me, since I am the type of person who always find something to like about in anything. (Like the new rolls of tissue at the CR and the view of the Manila Bay sunset from the office pantry.) Sixth: Be thrifty. A depleting wallet isn’t a sight to behold. Ninth: Be optimistic. As the saying goes, always seek the seed of triumph in every adversity. And finally, love thyself. As they say, you can’t ask for something you don’t have. There’s no one else to love me but me.

I dusted the journal then placed it on top of my to-read books. Something to grab and read whenever I need to get reminded of the things that used to be.

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