Who’s afraid of mascots? (Throwback Thursday)

“When you put a picture from a ‘while’ ago on your social media sites”, that’s Throwback Thursday according to Urban Dictionary.

So for the first salvo of Throwback Thursday on my blog, here’s a picture of me from two decades ago.

Yes, I'm afraid of mascots.
Yes, I’m afraid of mascots.

This is one thing many people don’t know about me, I’m afraid of mascots. And this picture is the first documented proof of my phobia for mascots. When I was a kid, I used to hide behind my parents’ back whenever Ronald McDonald appeared on birthday parties, or when Hetty or Twirlie waves their hands at my direction. But as I grew older, the phobia lessened. I actually find the Jollibee butt dance entertaining. But please, never touch me, mascots!

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