Salad addiction

I’ve been into garden salads since the holidays, and last week I tried three: the new favorite place for chicken in town, another from the concept restaurant for garlic and lastly from a food stall in Paseo Center.

BonChon’s Oriental Crispy Chicken Salad. Photo from
BonChon’s Oriental Crispy Chicken Salad. Photo from

I always had chops or fish fillet, so this time I tried BonChon’s Oriental Crispy Chicken Salad (P125). Crispy tofu and chicken strips together with the lettuce was delightful. But biting on those crunchy tortilla pieces was a lovely feast inside my mouth. Add to that the vinaigrette which was so tasty and zesty. Would’ve wanted more chicken, but overall BonChon didn’t disappoint me. Better pair it with their Premium Iced Tea.

Amazing Krazy Garlik salad. Photo from

I wanted something fresh for my dinner with college friends, so I decided to add Amazing Krazy Garlik Salad (P275) to our order. More like BonChon’s oriental crispy chickenv salad minus the chicken, but tastier.

But the best would have to be the Tuna Garden Salad (P60) from Salad Days stall on Paseo Center’s ground floor. Lettuce topped with carrot strips, corn and corned tuna is paired with your choice of dressi ng. I first tried Thousand Island and it was so-so. The next day, I chose Ranch dressing, and I love it. Value for money plus satisfying serving!

Forgot to take pictures of the salads, so the photos were grabbed from the Internet, with proper credit from the owners.

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