Organizing thoughts


For a few weeks now, I’ve been thinking on how to improve the contents on my blog. Last night, I finally decided on assigning specific themes for each day so it won’t be to hard for me to think of topics to write about.

So today, let me present to you the following:

Pageant Monday. It’s not a secret anymore that I fancy beauty pageants. This will contain updates, predictions and analyses of pageants.

Gastronomic Tuesday. I will feature anything related to food.

Sartorial Wednesday. I’m having a budding interest in fashion, so I’m planning to start this section with my latest favorites on LookBook.

Throwback Thursday. I’ve started this last Thursday. So friends, watch out! *evil laugh*

Fun Friday. Anything related to staying happy or enjoying life.

Thankful Saturday. Nicole’s blog on appreciating the little things inspired me to do this. I will list down all the things that I should be thankful for the week.

Random Sunday. Anything goes.

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