For the second part of my WATCHLIST series, we put under the microscope some of the girls from the region that gave us the captivating Deanna Robins of Jamaica — CARIBBEAN.


Jamaica, Gina Hargitay I wasn’t a fan when she won her local pageant. I thought some of the runner-ups were better. But when Gina arrived in Bali, she just proved me wrong. She exuded so much queenly aura: from the styling to her wardrobe. Her inclusion in Beach Fashion’s Top 11 is a clear indication that this girl is getting noticed, and I won’t be surprised if she also aces the interview rounds. Her eloquence is commendable. Should she keep the momentum going in the next events, I’m sure she match or even surpass Deanna Robins’ impressive feat last year. After all, she’s facially better than her predecessor and more charismatic.

Puerto Rico, Nadyalee Torres No stranger to beauty pageants, Nadyalee placed in the Top 15 of Top Model of the World competition in 2012. She possesses one of the most stunning faces in the competition, no wonder she was adjudged Miss Photogenic in that pageant. That is why it is a bit suprising that she’s not getting much buzz in Miss World. However, this doesn’t mean this girl isn’t fighting. She was one of the girls handpicked to grace the MW press conference days prior to the opening ceremony. With her height, modelsque figure and fashionable look, she would do well in the Top Model challenge event. Missosology adjudged her as a “silent killer”, and who knows? This girl might just steal the spotlight anytime.

Bahamas, De’Andra Bannister This girl tickled my fancy during the opening ceremonies. The way she smiled and how that yellow flower tucked in her ears accentuated her beauty tickled my fancy. It didn’t come as a surprise that she made it to Beach Fashion’s Top 33. She is stunning and her complexion all the more adds “exoticism” in her appeal. She actually reminded me of Leila Lopes when I saw her beauty shots in Bali. I’ve been following this girl’s official Miss World FB page and I can say she is a contender for the Multimedia award. Her FB is pretty much updated and she her posts have substance. Underdog for some, but I do see this girl as a threat.

Aruba, Larisa Leeuwe The girl in red. That’s what I remember most about Larisa. Choosing that color for her opening ceremonies attire paid off (as for me) because I really remembered her. From then on, I started to keep a watchful eye on her. Placing in the Top 33 of Beach Fashion and a reserve in Sports Challenge could be advantages for her at the moment. That means she’s being noticed early on from a sea of ladies. She is also a contender for Multimedia. She’s been managing her FB page really well, posting creatively edited videos and pictures, among others. She needs to be careful though on her styling as heavy make-up makes her look older. I suggest keeping that fresh look during arrivals.


Trinidad & Tobago, Sherrece Villafana One of my sentimental favorites, Sherrece’s beauty is magnetic. Also, she is such a fashionista! Always well-dressed and propely styled. Looking forward to seeing her in the Top Model event.

Barbados, Regina Ramjit She was my bet from her national pageant, and seeing her in Bali is such a sight to behold. She may not be doing well in the recently concluded events, but she shouldn’t fret. Her winsome smile is too hard to ignore.

Dominican Republic, Joely Bernat She is seriously giving me the Gwendoline Ruais vibe. Her beauty is unconventional; her body svelte. Her group may have not won in the Sports Challenge, but her placement in that event won’t be disregarded. She must keep the light make-up to avoid looking too strong.

US Virgin Islands, Petra Cabrera-Badia One of the girls that really caught my eye during arrivals is Petra. She was very accommodating to the press and all smiles. She oozes with so much positivity. Her exotic beauty has been noticed in the Beach Fashion, en route to a Top 33 placement. By observing her, I really infer that this girl has focus and is “willing to work hard to succeed”.


These girls may be a hit-and-miss at times but they should’n’t loose hope as there are still challenge events to come. Don’t count them out just yet. British Virgin Islands‘ candidness, Dominica‘s and Martinique‘s megawatt smiles and Haiti‘s inimitable charm are too hard to ignore!

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