LAST year, we were in for a beautiful treat from the Americas.

From the gorgeous Mariana Berumen of Mexico to the sophisticated Barbara Turbay of Colombia among others. But in the end, it was the silent killer of the competition, Mariana Notarangelo of Brazil, who was named continental queen of Americas of Miss World 2013 after making it to the Top 7. Who will be this year’s flag-bearer for the region?

LEGITAmericas_zps240409a6Brazil, Sancler Frantz This girl has big shoes to fill, following her predecessor’s impressive achievement last year. She was catapulted to front-runner status the moment she was crowned Miss Mundo Brasil. As a big fan of Mariana, I thought Sancler is a downgrade. In terms of being a total package, Mariana has the upper-hand. But Sancler didn’t disappoint, but I don’t see the winning aura in her yet. She was glowing since her arrival in the resort-island of Bali. She is obviously one of the organization’s favorites, but her inclusion in the Top 11 of Beach Fashion is unquestionable. She was very sensual in that photo, all the right curves, plus the sweet smile. Her beauty with a purpose project has something to do with fighting leprosy, and her efforts have already been noticed. She was interviewed by BBC last month about her BWAP project. She is the obvious front-liner for the Americas and I can see her with a podium finish.

Panama, Virginia Hernandez Many pageant observers may not consider her as a contender, but this underdog might just be the pageants most pleasant surprise.A ballet teacher and dancer by occupation, it is no surprise that Virginia made it to the finals of the Talent challenge event as well as the Sports Finals. This girl is a professional model, too, so I expect her to nail the Top Model event, especially with that modelesque beauty and body.


United States, Olivia Jordan It’s quite disappointing that a gorgeous and charming beauty like Olivia is not getting much buzz in the competition. This didn’t come as a surprise because Olivia was appointed just a week prior to arrivals. She has been left out in the early challenge events and this may affect her overall standing. But she shouldn’t fret. Her modeling experience could bring her atop the Top Model event ladder. Also, she is affiliated with Children of the Night, which aims to save children from prostitution. If this is indeed her BWAP entry, I believe she has good chances of making it.

Venezuela, Karen Soto I didn’t have much expectations from Karen from the moment she was named Miss Mundo Venezuela. Her beauty isn’t my cup of tea, and seriously her face reminds me of Venus Raj during Miss Philippines Earth. Karen is a skilld dancer and she will be given the chance to showcase her dancing prowess come finale. It may be too early to tell, but a top 33 placement in Beach Fashion might not be enough to bring her closer to the crown and even her strong sash might have lost its wonders.

Guyana, Ruqayyah Boyer If this girl doesn’t make it as one of the Multimedia finalists, then there must be something wrong! From the beginning, she has been serious about her FB page. She posts pictures and videos with the girls. Her whereabouts and the goings-on in the pageant, as well as the all-important Safari visit. She has been doing pretty well in this aspect and I have to say I loved Ruqayyah more because if this. A top 33 in Beach Fashion is her only challenge event placement so far, but we have to see come Top Model event. She sure will bring her A-game ’til the end.

Chile, Camila Andrada Another underrated beauty in the competition, Camila looks best with her red lipstick on. Top 33 in Beach Fashion is already a feat in itself, what more being chosen to perform in the Dances of the World segment in the finale? Camila, who claims to enjoy dancing, will be performing the Polynesian dance Rapa-Nui. Her Beauty witha Purpose project is among the most nicely presented. Fighting against child abuse and pushing for childern’s rights, don’t be surprised if this girl gets called in the semis.

Ecuador, Laritza Parraga Her porcelain skin makes her stand out from the rest, plus the radiant smile and the jolly aura. Add to that her good taste in clothing. She deserves her Top 33 placement in Beach Fashion, and honestly, I would’ve wanted to see her advance further than some girls in the final list. She’s one of the most refreshing faces in the competition. But please, enough of the selfies.


Peru’s Elba Fahsbender Her BWAP project is once of my favorites. Because it veers away from the usual medical or education themed projects. As an Ambassador of Artisan, Elba pushes for “the promotion and innovation of Peruvian’s artisan heritage as a means to generate income for rural communities”. Not just a one-off event, but a long-term investment.

Canada’s Camille Munro Talented and eloquent, this Talent fast track finalist might just pull off a huge surprise.

Mexico’s Marilyn Chagoya Her androgynous beauty exudes so much charisma. She”s got great stage presence, too.

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