Mister World 2014: My Fearless Predictions

Let’s go straight to the point. As the pageant comes to a close later today, here are my MISTER WORLD 2014 FINAL PICKS.

11-15Australia | Nick Kennett
Nick, 25, is a model, personal trainor and singer-songwriter. He only made it to the Top 15 of the Talent fast track, but with his boy-next-door looks and charming demeanor, he might just pull off a surprise.

Argentina | Jose Ferrer Santillan
This 25-year-old Architecture student works as a personal trainor to send himself to school. He seems to be the toughest of them all in terms of physical appearance, but his profile intro video shows he has a soft side in him.

India | Prateek Jain
Criticised for his looks, it seems that Prateek is going to make them bashers eat their words. He is a major contender in the Multimedia category and has done a good job in the Sports fast track. He was in the Top 24 of the Extreme Challenge, too.

Spain | Jose Ignacio Ros
I was close to removing Nacho off my (alternates) list, but my heart says keep him. He’s one of my early favorites. Although he wasn’t that noticed in the fast tracks, Nacho’s positive aura just shines through. He’s definitely the type of guy I’d like to marry someday.

Ukraine | Bogdan Iusypchuk
The “Charlie Chaplin” of Mr World 2014, 25-year-old Bogdan works as a film and theatre actor. The acting experienced helped him make it to the Top 4 of the Talent finals. He may not be excelling in the face department, but this guy is really adorable.

10mexicoMexico | Jose Pablo Minor
Jose Pablo has a pretty, manly face with a pair of eyes that could mesmerize you in an instant. However, the 23-year-old TV actor has been losing spark as the pageant nears the curtain call. I’m afraid he might have the same fate as his predecessor.

09MaltaMalta | Bjorn Demicoli
This 22-year-old IT student may not be as heavily favored as the others. But with a good body to match his very manly face, he could also pull off a surprise. He has one of the most active FB pages, and I must say this guy surely has an inimitable charm of a winner.

08PeruPeru | Diego Conroy
This 22-year-old International Business student possesses a mystery that is waiting to unfold. His very good physique is perfectly complemented by his very boyish face. The penalty shoot-out winner in the Sports fast track is a dark-horse.

07ItalyItaly | Adamo Pasqualon
Stylish, expensive, classy – these words best describe this 21-year-old model. He might not have figured in top of the other fast tracks, but this guy could definitely win the Style award. He is definitely the face of the competition.

06AustriaAustria | Philipp Knefz
At times, he may look like a kid when side-by-side the rest of the guys but that doesn’t mean Philipp is no strong candidate. He was runner-up in the Extreme Challenge fast track, and was part of the winning team in the tyre race category in the Sports fast track. You wouldn’t believe this 21-year-old civil engineering student used to be a chubby kid five years ago.

05NetherlandsNetherlands | Demian Overduijn
Demian is a Biology student who dreams of having his own wildlife-themed TV show someday. He has what it takes to be a good TV personality – he is telegenic and exudes so much charisma. Also, he owns a very pretty face and a nice body perfect for magazine spreads. Definitely a dashing debonair!

04EnglandEngland | Jordan Willams
Ignore him all you want, but a real contender stands out naturally. This rings true for 26-year-old Jordan. He seemed ignored at first, because he doesn’t have the facial advantage. But as the pageant progressed, he proved his mettle. Being a professional singer brought him to the Talent finals (I’m pretty confident he would win this). He also made it to the Top 10 of the Extreme Challenge. He has already proven his worth, homecourt advantage aside.

03MoldovaMoldova | Valeriu Gutu
Winning the Extreme Challenge has elevated Valeriu’s status from nobody to somebody in the competition. He is now one of the favorites to win. This 22-year-old fashion model and fitness coach is so much prepared for the competition. He could be the one, with his gorgeous face, marketable looks and well-toned body.

02PhilippinesPhilippines | John Spainhour
He might be one of the most popular candidates, but it seems John is playing the “silent killer” approach in the competition. At first he seems timid, yet he managed to rise to the top with his natural charm and modelesque stature. This 27-year-old fashion model and former Marines is peaking at the right time. Who knows, he might be the first from Asia to win the Mr World title.

01DenmarkDenmark | Nicklas Pedersen
My sentimental favorite truly lives up to being the “happiest guy in the world”. Nicklas, 23, seems very friendly, and exudes so much positivism in candids especially when he flashes his winsome smile. He did pretty well in the fast tracks, but his biggest advantage is having good communication skills and an endearing personality. He’s definitely a desirable man!

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