Miss World Philippines 2014: Mixed-race beauties

Mixed-race beauties are the most successful candidates of Miss World Philippines based on the previous winners of MWP. Gwendoline Ruais (2011) is half-French, Queneerich Rehman (2012) is half-Pakistani while Megan Yuong (2013) is half-American. This year, the “halfties” are again among the strongest candidates in the competition.

QwWHetuTwo Filipino-British ladies are hoping to wear the Philippine sash in Miss World 2014, which will be held in its home city of London on December. One of them is Lorraine Kendrickson (#1), a 19-year-old print and ramp model. She was Miss Dumaguete 2013. Another is Rachel Louise Peters (#7) of Camariners Sur. She holds a business degree from La Trobe University in Victoria, Australia.

Aside from Valerie Weigmann, another Filipino-German beauty is eyeing victory. She is 19-year-old model Gazini Christiana Ganados from Cebu City..No stranger to pageants, Gazini was a Top 10 finalist in Miss Bikini Philippines 2014.

Representing the Filipino-American community is 18-year-old Alexa Rae Kirby. This summer camp counselor earned an automatic slot in this year’s roster of candidates after winning the Miss Philippines Quest-USA pageant early this year. Prior to that, she joined Miss Teen Pennsylvania USA and Miss Teen Philippines.

Who among these girls will earn the right to represent the Philippines in the Miss World finals in December? We’ll find out on October 12.

Full version of this article was first published in Rappler.

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