Where is Miss Philippines Princess Pura in Face of Beauty International 2014?

Miss Philippines? Princess Pura’s photo on the official website of Face of Beauty International

Updated with Princess Pura’s statement.

Remember Princess Alanis Pura?

She is the hearing-impaired student who won the top plum in the Queen of the Philippines beauty pageant held last August 3 in Subic. As the winner, she is supposed to represent the country in the Face of Beauty International (FOBI) 2014 pageant this month in Taiwan.

Hopes were high for Pura because she would have been the first hearing-impaired Filipino to wear the Philippine sash in an international pageant.

Ovette Ricalde, Queen of the Philippines organizer and FOBI franchise holder, even announced on Facebook that Aces and Queens’ Jonas Gaffud was tapped to train Pura for the pageant. Pura got her fair share of publicity and was even featured in an episode of the documentary show I-Witness. She also ranked 3rd in Missosology’s pre-arrival picks for FOBI.

No show
All along, pageant fans thought all was set for her in the international pageant until no Miss Philippines arrived in Taiwan last week for the FOBI pageant.

The blogger asked someone working closely with the pageant about why Pura wasn’t there, but no reason was given. Another well-known figure in the pageant industry said that “maybe” Pura will arrive before the finals on November 15.

There could be truth to this as Pura remains listed in the FOBI website as the Philippine representative.

‘What about me?’
Browsing through Mr Ricalde’s Facebook account, his posts are mostly about the girls he will be sending to a number of minor and budding international pageants. He also recently hosted a send-off press conference for the Philippines’ representative to the Mrs World 2014 competition. There was not a single mention of Pura’s participation in FOBI.

However, it seems even Pura doesn’t know if she will still compete in Taiwan. You won’t see anything related to the FOBI pageant in her FB account, unlike the delegates from Hungary, New Zealand, among others who have been posting about their preparations and departures. What was baffling was the very intriguing question she posted on Mr Ricalde’s recent Facebook post (see screenshot below).


As of this writing, her post received three likes but no answer from Mr Ricalde.

What could be the reason why Pura is a no-show in FOBI? Pura was reached by the blogger for comment on this matter and this was her only reply: “Well, production is not enough to pay the enter fee in Taiwan.”

The blogger has already messaged Mr Ricalde but no reply was given as of press time.

2 thoughts on “Where is Miss Philippines Princess Pura in Face of Beauty International 2014?

  1. Princess’ comment that you took a screenshot of was deleted this morning. I also tried to comment on Mr. Ricalde’s post asking why Princess wasn’t able to compete but he deleted it, too.

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