Miss International 2014: My fearless predictions

One of these 10 ladies, I believe, will win the Miss International crown tonight. Here’s my final choices for the upcoming pageant.


Jhataleka Malhotra was a favorite from the start. She is very classy, wears appropriate clothing, and always comes out prepared. She was one of the standouts in the press presentation with her intricately designed national costume. But what makes Jhataleka a winner? She has a beautiful face, the queenly sophistication, and the gift of gab that could help her ace the speech round. She is undoubtedly “the one to beat” this year. India has never won the Miss International title and this could be the moment the country has long been waiting for.


If there is an award for the best face in the competition, Shauny Bult is the winner. Her serene beauty is a breath of fresh air from a sea of fierce faces. She exudes so much royalty and finesse, and this translates into her outfits and performance. She is a sweetheart and basically has the qualities of a good ambassador of goodwill. After her non-placement in Miss Earth years ago, Shauny is keen on bringing home a crown this time around. She is a good follow-up to last year’s first runner-up Nathalie Den Dekker so winning isn’t far fetched.

If the Miss International pageant night started on the first day of arrival, Vianey Vázquez would have won the race. She is the most prepared delegate, and is definitely ready to bring her country back in the map. She was among the favorites in her national pageant, and has improved and matured a lot in terms of beauty and personality. While many are saying that Vianey’s weakness is her communication skills (given that this year, the girls are expected to talk in English only during the Top 10 speech, she won’t surely settle for anything less. After all, Mexico is a strong sash in Miss International.

I will never forget the first time I saw Bianca Guidotti face-to-face. That was after the Bb Pilipinas 2014 coronation night and she was walking to the parking area minus the big hair and heavy make-up. I called her and congratulated her. Even though she was carrying a lot of bags and looked really tired, she still stopped walking to reach for my hand. That simple act made me love her. She has been a hit-and-miss in the competition and the not-so-good wardrobe could ruin her chances. Despite that her natural beauty still shines through. The humble, sincere and and optimistic Bianca that I loved is still there and it shows in her performance. A back-to-back victory has never happened in the pageant’s history, but it is definitely not impossible.


Mix Ariana Grande and Iggy Azalea and you get Victoria Tooby. She exudes a youthful glow that shouldn’t be ignored. But what I like most about her is that she always comes out well-dressed, her hair fixed and with a wide smile that could brighten up a dark room. The possibilities are endless for this gorgeous girl!

Insider reports say Zuleika Kiara Suárez is well-loved by the Miss International staff. Who wouldn’t love her sweet, energetic and youthful personality? I liked her most during the national costume presentation where she came out looking fierce and stunning. I have apprehensions in putting her in the Top 5 given that this pageant is not traditionally not into women of color. But if there’s one who should make it all the way to the top, it should be Zuleika.

From Miss Earth to Miss International, Punika Kulsoontornrut has surely mastered her craft. It seems evident through her wardrobe, styling and how she behaves in the pre-pageant activities. She is an overall package: face, body, catwalk diva all rolled into one. While in my opinion she is bordering overacting in her actions, one can’t deny she came prepared. That deserves to be recognized.

Milla Romppanen is an underrated beauty. She is always well-dressed, her styling on point and she behaves like a true queen. A doll-like beauty like her is Miss International’s cup of tea. I wouldn’t be surprised to see this girl making her way to the semis.

09 USA
Samantha Brooks is one of my sentimental favorites. This statuesque brunette is effortlessly elegant and that could be her ticket to giving USA its third consecutive placement in the pageant, But what I like most about Samantha is her dedication to the medical industry. Both of her parents are cancer survivors, and now she works in a hospital. She holds a degree in biology and plans to purse a master’s degree to become a physician’s assistant.

Some might think Ruqayyah Boyer is overrated, but for me she is underestimated. She has worked hard for this and even flew to the Philippines from South America to get “formal” training. She is amiable, eloquent and eager to succeed. And with the gorgeous gown she will be wearing for today’s finale, she will surely become a threat in the contest.

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