Bb Pilipinas Supranational 2014 Yvethe Santiago: I’m 100% ready!

Mutya and Yvethe answer uestions from the press
Mutya and Yvethe answer uestions from the press

“I’m 100% ready. I can go tomorrow.”

This was Yvethe Marie Santiago’s response when asked during her official press send-off last Monday, November 10, how prepared she is for the upcoming Miss Supranational 2014 pageant to be held in Krynica-Zdroj, Poland.

Aside from the fact the she will be battling out more than 80 contestants from around the globe, the 21-year-old Bicolana also faces a daunting task of duplicating the victory of Mutya Johanna Datul last year. Yvethe acknowledges the challenge but keeps headstrong.

Madame Stella Araneta says this batch is “special”

“I know I’m facing tough competition. A back-to-back victory is very hard but not impossible. My passion to bring home the crown will fire me up for the fight,” she said. “It’s going to be hard, but I will try my best.”

The Bb Pilipinas 2014 queens were present during the event to give pieces of advice and words of encouragement to Yvethe. But what really matters were those given the reigning Miss Supranational.

For Mutya, what the 2014 titleholder needs to do is to “pray, focus, listen, and enjoy.”  Yvethe added that one of the things she learned from Mutya is that there really is no formula for winning.

Yvethe's mom tells her a crown is just a "symbol of beauty"
Yvethe’s mom tells her a crown is just a “symbol of beauty”

“She (Mutya) always told me to just enjoy the moment, never get tired of smiling. Be lavish in your praises for the people at the pageant, but do it out of sincerity,” Yvethe said.

Yvethe’s mother Nida was also present at the send-off and reminded her daughter that “a crown is just a symbol of beauty. What is important is the inner beauty in you”.

Yvethe is set to fly out to Poland this weekend. The finals of Miss Supranational 2014 is set for December 5th.

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