Deaf beauty Christine Balaguer ‘forced to quit’ Bb Pilipinas 2015

Balaguer during the Bb Pilipinas screening

Deaf beauty Christine Balaguer made headlines anew after the Bb Pilipinas Charities Inc allegedly forced her to quit this year’s Bb Pilipinas.

In her Facebook page, Balaguer said she was “depressed” about the resignation, saying it has always been her “dream to be the first deaf candidate to win Bb Pilipinas”.

Netizens were quick to criticize BPCI for discriminating the deaf model, who also joined Miss World Philippines 2014 and placed in the Top 13.

BPCI remains mum on the issue, but someone close to the matter told your blogger that Balaguer was removed from the roster not because of her handicap. The source, however, did not give any details.

What is the real reason?
What could be the reason behind Balaguer’s “disqualification”? Based on previous related instances, there are three reasons that come to mind: citizenship/residency, contract conflicts and moral issues.

When a contestant applies to join the pageant, she is required to submit proofs of citizenship and residency in the Philippines. Balaguer was born an raised in the country so this is already crossed out.

Second, if the candidate has existing contract that is in conflict with the Bb Pilipinas’ rules. This was the reason behind Maxine Medina’s disqualification in 2012.

Last, if the candidate had nude photos/photoshoots or posed for a men’s magazine prior to joining the pageant. This caused the ouster of Sandra Seifert in 2009 (posed for sexy magazine); Bianca Paz (sexy calendar shoot), Roxanne Cabanero (viral nude photos), and Grendel Alvarado and Jenilyn Olivar (nakaed photos for Breast Cancer Awareness) in 2011; and Theresa Fenger (posed for sexy magazine) in 2013.

She works as a professional model so there is high possibility that any of the last two reason caused her “disqualification”.

One thought on “Deaf beauty Christine Balaguer ‘forced to quit’ Bb Pilipinas 2015

  1. The BPCI should not descriminate Miss Christine despite of her differences.Maybe it’s time to voice our rights as a Filipino citizen not taking advantage of foreigners who doesn’t have blood of Filipino.I hope the BPCI will change their mentality to disregard the Filipino talents to dread high regardless of their differences in physical aspects.We will not tolerate this organization to put our fellow Filipino citizen down without any valid reasons.

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