Miss USA 2015: Fearless predictions

The 2015 Miss USA pageant has finally reached the finish line despite the problems that hit the Miss Universe Organization brought about by the controversial statement made by Donal Trump, its co-owner, against Mexican immigrants.

Hosts, performers, judges as well as media partners and major sponsors pulled out because of the issue. The organization, unfazed by the events, was able to find replacements all just to give the 51 state pageant winners the finale show they all deserved.

The candidates have worked hard for nearly a year for this chance of a lifetime. Over the last two weeks, they have been touring, rehearsing and preparing to compete for the new crown by DIC and the title of Miss USA.

Who will take the coveted title? Here is my final list:
1Miss USA: OKLAHOMA, Olivia Jordan
The first time I laid my eyes on her when she was announced Miss World United States in 2013, I fell in love in an instant. After her Miss World stint, where she was among the Top 20 quarter-finalists, I have always hoped she would compete in Miss USA.

Her first attempt was when she represented Beverly Hills in Miss California USA 2013 and ended up first runner-up. Early this year she decided to return to her home state to compete in Miss Oklahoma USA 2015 and finally snatched the title. From then on she has become one of the anticipated candidates in this edition.

Although her early days in the competition was met with mixed reactions (some were saying she was overshadowed by the rest), I can say Olivia’s bubbly personality and natural charm made her noticeable. Olivia was among the most prepared, and she she knew when to give it her all. During the preliminaries, I can say she was one of the best. She looked gorgeous in swimwear and had one of the most polished walks. Her pink ball gown, although met with criticisms, made her standout. In fact, she was a scene-stealer! The overall look and her movements screamed winner.

If USA wants another blonde bombshell as its queen, Olivia definitely fits the bill.

2-41st runner -up: ALABAMA, Madison Guthrie

This state has been sending topnotch delegates in the last five years and this year is no exception. Madison was one of the stars of the preliminaries. Her performance was almost flawless she could easily win the title that night. Her very regal beauty could be her ticket to the crown.

2nd runner-up: MARYLAND, Mame Adjei

She’s definitely the best candidate of color in this batch. She will soon star on the next season of America’s Next Top Model so it was no surprise that this girl has been deliveing so well in the official photos. In motion, Mame was also giving off fierceness. Wouldn’t mind seeing her with the crown.

3rd runner-up: RHODE ISLAND, Anea Garcia

This towering beauty is very hard to ignore. On-point styling, strong stage presence and polished walks, she’s too good for the Miss USA crown. She might not have the perfect face, but the imperfections make her all the more appealing.

5-85: TEXAS, Ylianna Guerra
6: UTAH, Nicol Powell
7. FLORIDA, Ashleigh Lollie
8. COLORADO, Talyah Polee

9-129. OHIO, Sarah Newkirk
10. NORTH CAROLINA, Julia Dalton
11. NEW YORK, Thatiana Diaz
12. NEVADA, Brittany McGowan

13-1613. CALIFORNIA, Natasha Martinez
14. GEORGIA, Brooke Fletcher
15. LOUISIANA, Candice Bennatt
16. MISSISSIPPI, Courtney Byrd

17-2017. DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, Lizzy Olsen
18. MICHIGAN, Rashontae Wawrzyniak
19. MASSACHUSETTS, Polikseni Manxhari
20. ARIZONA, Maureen Montagne

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