Misters of Pilipinas 2015: 17 chosen from ‘grand callback’

Seventeen aspirants were chosen as official candidates of Misters of Pilipinas 2015, during the grand callback held last Saturday, July 25 at Fisher Mall in Quezon City. 11751723_1183777628315694_3159057119011642356_n They are: 1 RENIEL VILLAREAL 2 DON COCHICO 3 WILLIAN PAGAYON 6 JEROME TABAYOYONG 9 NICHOLO ZACARIAS 10 RICK PALENCIA 12 MARK LATINA 13 ARCEL YAMBING 14 MARCEL STULIR 16 LESTER CABALLERO 17 EARLMOND ROSS LEE 18 CHURCH HILL GARCIA 20 JOHN EDGAR ADAJAR 22 ROBERT LOPEZ 23 ALBERTO RODOLFU DELA SERNA 24 PATRICK MAGTANONG 27 KARAN SINGDOLE More candidates from other regions will be announced soon. Photos by Joy Arguil

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