Miss International 2015: Fearless prediction

The 55th Miss International beauty pageant is now on its homestrech. But before we witness the crowning of the first Big4 queen of 2015, here is my final list:

Miss International 2015: Honduras-Jennifer Valle
One of the prettiest faces in the competition, Honduras’ Jennifer Giselle Valle for sure won’t be ignored. She was set to compete last 2013 but opted out due to personal reasons. It seemed that this is the right year for Jennifer to compete as she has been a standout since Day One of Miss International 2015. Her experience in previous international pageants (Miss World 2012, Reina Mundial del Banano 2012 and Reinado Internacional Del Cafe 2013) will surely play to her advantage come finals. But one of her assets is that she is has good communication skills, which could work for her during the public speaking round of the competition.

1st Runner-up: Philippines-Janicel Lubina
Fondly called by pageant fans as “Cinderella”, Janicel Lubina’s story as a former house help turned pageant queen made waves in both local and foreign media. But aside from her humble background, what makes this beauty a top contender are her killer curves and top-notch stage presence. Some say she has been losing steam, but videos of the rehearsals prove that Janicel has maintained her winning form and aura. Despite some saying Janicel’s weakness lies in her communication skills, it couldn’t be denied that she’s one of the strongest candidates the Philippines has ever sent in Miss International.

2nd Runner-up: Venezuela-Edymar Martinez
After missing the semis in the last two years, Venezuela is back with vengeance. Edymar has been the top favorite since she was crowned Miss Venezuela Internacional and didn’t disappoint. Her styling has always been on point. She always make sure she gets noticed in a positive way. But what makes her all the more appealing is her good behavior. Those who were able to rub elbows with her in Japan tell me Edymar is very humble. That’s a true mark of a queen!

3rd Runner-up: Brazil-Isis Stocco
Another one of the most anticipated delegates is Brazil’s Isis Stocco. Although at first she seemed to be fading into the background, it couldn’t be denied that she is one of the most beautiful in the batch. Her elegance and beauty for sure won’t be ignored.

4th Runner-up: Canada-Kathryn Kohut
While I think that the battle will be among the first four girls I mentioned, I think that Canada could be this year’s pleasant surprise. Her experience in Miss Grand International for sure has helped her improve her stage presence. But what will set this girl apart from the rest is her gift of gab. She knows how to express herself well and that would give her the advantage come finals night.

6. Mexico-Lorena Sevilla
7. Hungary-Linda Szunai
8. USA-Lindsay Becker
9. Japan-Arisa Nakagawa
10. New Zealand-Hayley Rose Coombe

11. Denmark-Mette Riis Sørensen
12. Kenya-Eunice Onyango
13. Ecuador-Daniela Armijos
14. Hawaii-Brianna Acosta
15. Thailand – Sasi Sintawee

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