#MrWorld2016: Fearless prediction

I have a good record at predicting Mr World winners. Although I started only in 2012, I managed to correctly predict the victories of Francisco Escobar of Colombia in 2012 and Nicklas Pedersen of Denmark in 2014. Let’s see if I’ll make it three-in-a-row this year.

So a few hours before the new Mr World is sashed, let me present my fearless predictions:

15. GREECE – Iraklis Kozas
“Mr World is a lifetime experience which can push my career to a higher level, if I win!
Iraklis, 26, works in fashion, appearing at shows and magazines across the world. He studied Economics at the University of Macedonia before moving to Serres. CrossFit, football, swimming and track & field keep Iraklis in peak physical condition, who also hopes to break out into the world of acting; Hollywood is his dream.

14. PUERTO RICO – Fernando Alvarez
“I would love to work with education in countries that don’t have resources to give schools or education to the children and the youth.”
Fernando, 21, is an Accounting student. Accounting is his plan, but acting is his dream and he is chasing both options, with acting lessons complimenting his studies. Staying fit is important to Fernando, who enjoys basketball, volleyball and spending the day at the beach.

13. EL SALVADOR – David Arias
“Welcome to El Salvador, the country of the eternal smile, where it’s people are the most important resource.”
David, 28, is an English teacher. His passion is teaching, and he hopes to initiate his own English language school in El Salvador in the future. Aside from teaching, David is a dancer and likes to hit the gym.

12. GERMANY – Oleg Justus
“I’m proud to represent Germany and I’m thankful for everyone who will be part of my experiences during the Mr World competition!”
Oleg, 28, is all about sports. Currently working as a personal trainer, he also studies at Cologne University, with ambitions of working in the fitness sector of a professional football team in the future. He isn’t just a football fan though, enjoying all kinds of sports and outdoor activities.

11. SPAIN – Ángel Martínez
“Words will touch your heart once they come from it.”
Ángel, 21, is cheerful and charismatic, enjoying a healthy lifestyle. Living in the Mediterranean city of Cartagena, Ángel works as a waiter, but is aiming to break into the fashion industry. Football, cycling, athletics and playing Spanish guitar take up the rest of Ángel’s time. His special talent is beatboxing.

10 PHILIPPINES – Sam Ajdani
“Philippines is a beautiful country with great scenery and amazing people that can make anyone feel right.”
Sam, 26, is a fitness coach and model. Born in Iran, he moved to the Philippines aged 14 and has remained since. Family, fitness and friends are important to Sam, and his aspirations are to start his own business, potentially in the fitness industry. His proudest moment was getting a feature in Men’s Health USA & Philippines.

9 AUSTRIA – Fabian Kitzweger
“I would love to motivate others to live healthy and stay fit. Having an impact on other people’s lives is what makes me really happy.”
Fabian, 23, describes himself as an ambitious, goal orientated and friendly person. A Chemical Engineering student, Fabian also works part time as a personal trainer.

8 POLAND – Rafał Jonkisz
“I do my best workouts listening to electronic music – It gives me a better motivation and more energy to train.”
Rafał, 19,is a professional acrobat, competitive athlete and skilled dancer. His passion is all about moving, which has so far taken him to the quarter finals of Poland’s Got Talent, 4th place on Dancing with the Stars. His plans include building a presence in the world of modelling and continuing his charity work.

7 SCOTLAND – Tristan Cameron Harper
“Good Vibes!”
Tristan, 28, sees life as an adventure. A professional Ice Hockey player, he isn’t shy from a bit of danger, and when not on the ice can be found up mountains in caves or in the wilderness somewhere around the world. His ambition is to become a professional mountaineer, but he is also interested in building sustainable environments, and raising education and awareness wherever he goes.

6 MEXICO – Aldo Esparza
“I entered Mr World to be a better man.”
Aldo, 26, is an accomplished equestrian, and takes part in La Charreada, Mexico’s national sport. Soccer, squash and biking all keep Aldo in shape and he loves to eat tacos. An industrial engineer by trade, his ambition is to be his own boss and start his own company.


5 MALTA – Timmy Puschkin
“Mr World is the most prestigious event that I can enter to help me reach my goals.”
Timmy, 23, comes from a large family living on the island of Malta. A part time model, full time graphic designer, he enjoys work on both sides of the camera, and has aspirations of developing in both worlds. A huge fan of sports, Timmy plays anything from water polo to American football, and keeps in peak condition at the gym.

4 SOUTH AFRICA – Armand Du Plessis
“South Africa, not just physically beautiful, but also a country rich in culture and diversity. I am proud to be an African.”
Armand, 27, hails from Johannesburg, where he is a Candidate Attorney. With two Law degrees, his ambition is to become an advocate, potentially for disenfranchised children. When relaxing, Armand loves to travel, revelling in new lands and new words, whilst giving him a chance to work on his photography.

3 DENMARK – Rasmus Pedersen
“My battle with cancer has been the most challenging and extreme thing I have ever done so far. It has taught me a lot about life. I’ve learned to appreciate every minute.”
Rasmus, 23, describes himself as an outgoing, smiling self-confident person, with a highly competitive mind. Aside from his modelling, Rasmus likes to keep fit, play soccer with his brother and travel. His favourite cuisine is Sushi, which is quite popular in Denmark.

2. India – Rohit Khandelwal
“Mr World is a purpose driven community that believes in empowering the younger generation, like us from diverse backgrounds and cultures to join hands for the sole purpose of serving the mankind.”
Rohit, 26, is an actor and TV personality. Describing himself as a dreamer and believer, he is intent on forging a successful career in front of the camera, but also plans on studying to move behind the camera and make his own films. Aside from his acting, Rohit loves to keep fit, play sports and travel.


1 ENGLAND – Chris Bramell
“Life is a Roller Coaster. You can either scream every time you hit a bump or you can throw your hands up in the air and enjoy every moment, enjoy!”
Host nation representative Chris, 23, is a sportsman. Healthy living is key for Chris; wholesome foods, sunshine and lots of exercise. A sports development graduate, Chris has worked as a community football coach in Everton, and is a competitive footballer, golfer and hurdler. He hopes to inspire others and be a role model for future generations.

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