Miss Earth 2016: Fearless predictions


This year’s edition of the Miss Earth is one for the books.

The more than 80 delegates had the chance to explore the beauty of the Philippines, through the support of both the LGUs and the private sector. Aside from that, this year’s pageant is graced by a lot of stunners and very dedicated ladies making it very difficult to choose only 16.

But that task needs to be done. And after seeing all the ladies in the flesh (except for Miss India), here’s my final list for Miss Earth 2016.

For the alternates:


Italy’s Denise Frigo has resemblance to Miss World 2013 Megan Young. Her authentic charm and smile will capture anyone’s heart.

Miss Panama Virginia Hernandez is a good follow-up to last year’s stunner (but unplaced) Carmen Jaramillo. She oozes with the right amount of elegance and sexiness that is hard to ignore.

Miss Philippines Imelda Schweighart is probably the most controversial delegate this year (and the most bashed Miss Philippines Earth since Athena Imperial). But discounting all her social media misdemeanors, she could also give the host country another placement. After all, a Miss Earth edition without a Miss Philippines is incomplete.

Miss Brazil Bruna Zanardo is another stunner with a wll-proportioned body. Couple that with her polished walk and she sure will standout.

Now on to the Top 16:


16 Peru – Brunella Fossa
This Pia Wurtzbach dead-ringer is among the most underrated beauties in the competition. But if you see her upclose, she is really stunning! She hasn’t won any medals in the pre-pageant activities but Brunella humbly made her presence felt in the competition.

15 Thailand – Atcharee Buakhiao
Tian was under the radar at the start of the competition but she made a huge impact after winning the gold in the national costume competition. With the Land of Smiles doing good in international pageants these days, it won’t be a surprise if this girl makes it. She had the height and the pretty face to help her make it.

14 Kenya – Grace Wanene
Grace is one of the most stunning African delegates to have ever graced the Miss Earth pageant. Her bubbly personality is what makes her lovable but on stage, it’s a different story. She was fierce and fabulous during the fashion show in Davao! She also a well-spoken lady.

13 Ukraine – Alena Belová
One of my sentimental favorites, Alena has slowlu but surely made her presence felt in the competition. Her silver medal in resorts wear competition is proof that this year has the stage presence. She has the natural beauty and charm that makes her hard to ignore.


12 Colombia – Michelle Gómez
Probably the tallest among the delegates, Michelle was a sight to behold during the press presentation. Her svelte look look has earned her a bronze is the swimwuit competition and the Miss Boracay Body special award. But what makes her a darling is helping her fellow Latina candidates by translating their words. Definitely a mark of a queen!

11 Vietnam – Nguyen Thi Le Nam Em
One of the biggest surprises in the competition is Nam Em. She was completely ignored at first, but is now finally get the attention she deserves. Her silver medals in long gown and talent rounds are proof of her hard work, and her Miss Photogenic win speaks volumes about the strong support she is getting at home.

10 Russia – Aleksandra Cherepanová
Aleksandra is undoubtedly the face of the competition. Although she appears timid and shy at times, her angelic face and elegance shines through. She was very regal in her black gown that made her win the gold in long gown competition. She could also pull a big surprise come finals night.

9 Mexico – Itzel Paola Astudillo
Evening gown gold medal: check! Swimsuit gold medal: check!  National costume gold medal: check! Itzel is probably the most decorated Mexican delegate to ever grace the Miss Earth stage and she deserves all the accolades. She had the right mix of sexiness, sweetness and unassuming exquisiteness that make her truly a cut above the rest.


8 Sweden – Cloie Syquia Skarne
Not a big fan of Cloie, but this girl has proven that she deserves to place. Her medals in evening gown and national costume are enough to say she has the stage presence. She also has a sweet yet attractive beauty. With proper styling, this Swedish-Filipino-American lass could surely go places.

7 Pakistan – Anzhelika Tahir
One of the best dressed in the competition, Anzhelika always manages to standout because of her good taste in fashion. But aside from that, her distinct facial beauty and amiable personality are worthy of mention. She also has good communication skills which could work to her advantage.

6 England – Luissa Burton
Probably one of, if not the most, hardworking delegates of Miss Earth this year. Luissa tried out for Miss Earth England thrice before finally winning the title and is now living her dream of competing internationally. Despite being overshadowed by other girls at the start, Luissa managed to climb the ranks and won a bronze in talent. But what makes her truly outstanding is she lives and breathes the cause of Miss Earth.

5 Ecuador – Katherine Espín
Katherine is a well-rounded beauty. Physically, she has an endearing face and a vavavoom body. Aside from these, she has the gift of gab, which is her best weapon. She has topped the medal tally after her podium finishes in long gown, resorts wear, swimwear and national costume rounds. History has it that the medal leaders end up clapping in the background. Will Katherine break the curse? I dare say yes!

And finally, the elemental queens:


Miss Fire: Denmark – Klaudia Parsberg
One might mistake her for Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty, because encounter with Klaudia are indeed encounters with inimitable beauty and charm. She wasn’t a heavy favorite from the start but this lady has worked so hard to earn the “contender” tag. From what she has done and achieved so far, there is no doubt that this girl has prepared for the pageant. With a great body, beautiful face, gift of gab, knowlege of the cause and a proper styling, it won’t be a surprise if Denmark win the crown again.

Miss Water: USA  – Corrin Stellakis
She may not have the most gorgeous face of the sexiest of bodies, but Corrin has the communication skills and full understanding of Miss Earth’s causes that make her a strong contender for the title. Just find the right styling (like her look during the Natural Looks event), please? A well-rounded beauty like Corrin for sure won’t be ignored.

Miss Air: Australia – Lyndl Kean
After Dayanna Grageda’s second place finish last year, it looks like the Land Down undr is headed for another Top 4 finish this year. Lyndl has everything it takes: a beautiful face, the pageant experience and the intelligence that could blow the judges away. She is also one of the classiest delegates. I have to admit; I underestimated this girl. But being a total performer throughout the competition makes her a perfect girl to consider for the crown.

Miss Earth: Venezuela – Stephanie de Zorzi
All eyes will be on Stephanie De Zorzi, who has been a clear standout since day one. The moment it was confirmed that  will be finally representing the powerhouse country of Venezuela in Miss Earth, she has already become the favorite for the title.

Her road to Miss Earth wasn’t ideal. She was set to compete in 2014, only to be replaced a week before arrivals because she allegedly gained weight. That devastated her,  but when the franchise was given to Alyz Henrich and she offered Stephanie to compete, she said yes without hesitation.

Upon arriving in Manila, Stephanie has sashayed grace and beauty expected of a Miss Venezuela. She has a beautiful face and a to-die-for body. She has the catwalk flair and a megawatt smile that could light up anyone’s face.

Right now, Stephanie is undeniably the best bet for the crown. She is someone Miss Earth is looking for: marketable, beautiful, intelligent. The crown has long been hers. Let it sit on her head tonight!. Haraya



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