Bb Pilipinas 2019: Fearless Prediction

In all honesty, this is probably the first Bb Pilipinas season since 2011 that I’m totally not invested. If not for a visit to Cubao a day before the Parade of Beauties, I won’t realize that Bb Pilipinas 2019 is already nearing the finale.

But you can’t take away the pageant fan in me, so here’s my Fearless Prediction for this year’s Bb Pilipinas.

This is probably one of those seasons where it is going to be anybody’s ball game up until the coronation night. It is no easy picking a bet for the top title – Miss Universe Philippines – given the sky-high standards set by Catriona Gray last year.

But I realized, we do not have to choose someone like Catriona. Instead, we should have a queen who is comfortable in her own skin, someone who knows her priorities, and is willing to work hard, and who has a good advocacy. Keeping those in mind, I went back to my initial list of favorites (before the official list of candidates started) and picked Gazini Ganados.

I have always wanted for her to join Bb Pilipinas, from the very first time I met her when she joined a minor national pageant in 2016. Back then, she told me she made a promise to her mother to finish her studies first before joining Bb Pilipinas. Fastforward to this year, I met Gazini again and thanked her for fulfilling her promise.

Gazini has improved a lot: from her physique to her styling to her demeanor. But the most noticeable change is she is now more confident when speaking in public and she can now compose her thoughts better. Growing up with her grandparents, she developed a desire to take care of the elderly. Her mesmerizing look and commanding presence deserves to be brought in the international stage. And with Miss Universe looking for well-rounded beauties, Gazini for sure won’t get ignored.

My bet for Miss International Philippines shouldn’t come as a surprise. There is no other lady in mind but Vickie Rushton. She looks fresher and more polished now. She might not have the best walk or the sexiest body, but she has the face. Miss International is known for choosing doll-like beauties and Vickie perfectly fits that template.

Another choice that shouldn’t come as a surprise is Emma Tiglao for Miss Supranational Philippines. By merely observing her actions, you’ll know that she studied what she is doing and has mastered it well. Her great stage presence and effortless charm is perfect for Miss Supranational.

Leren Bautista is peaking at the right time, and who knows she might be the coronation night’s biggest surprise. Some were easy to think she is way past her pageant prime. But we have to realize that this girl has an international pageant title in her list of achievements. We need that veteran presence for a back-to-back peat in Miss Intercontinental.

Patch Magtanong could easily be my Miss Universe Philippines bet, but I feel I’m looking at our very first Miss Grand International. With her unassuming beauty, great stage presence and impressive background (she just recently passed the Bar exams), she could easily charm her way to the crown. In addition to that, she’s lethal in the Q&A department.

Another candidate who has the gift of gab is Samantha Lo. From a nobody, she became a contender heading into the finals after her impressive showing in the Free Speak round. She could walk and talk and with her winsome smile and unassuming beauty, she could very well take it all. I see her winning the Bb Pilipinas Globe title.

Also worth noting are Samantha Bernardo and Aya Abesamis. These returnees are back with vengeance and has improved a lot. Don’t count them out just yet because they will deliver their best on stage, where they do the magic.

Keep an eye out for Binibini newbies Hannah Arnold, Jessarie Dumaguing and Resham Saeed, too. These diamonds in the rough could give the front-runners a run for their money.

Here’s the complete list:


For Miss Universe Philippines: Talisay City, Cebu | Gazini Christiana Ganados
For Bb Pilipinas International: Negros Occidental | Vickie Marie Milagrosa Rushton
For Bb Pilipinas Supranational: Pampanga | Emma Mary Tiglao

For Bb Pilipinas Intercontinental: Laguna | Leren Mae Bautista
For Bb Pilipinas Grand International: Bataan | Bea Patricia Magtanong
For Bb Pilipinas Globe: Cebu | Samantha Ashley Lo

For Bb Pilipinas 1st runner-up: Palawan | Samantha Mae Bernardo
For Bb Pilipinas 2nd runner-up: Masbate | Hannah Arnold

9 Pasig City | Maria Andrea Abesamis
10 Puerto Princesa | Jessarie Dumaguing
11 Maguindanao | Resham Saeed
12 Mandaue City | Ilene Astrid de Vera
13 Rizal | Honey Grace Cartasano
14 Sorsogon | Maria Isabela Galeria
15 Pangasinan | Denielle Joie Magno

16 Daraga, Albay | Julia Eugenie Saubier
17 Malabon | Jessica Marasigan
18 Muntinlupa | Martina Turner Diaz
19 Ilocos Sur | Jean Nicole Guerrero
20 Zamboanga City | April May Short
21 Catanduanes | Louisielle Denise Omorog
22 Quezon City | Larah Grace Lacap
23 Caloocan | Joanna Tolledo
24 Bacolod | Cassandra Colleen Chan
25 Polangui, Albay | Marie Sherry Ann Tormes

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