The pageant fan



Haraya n.
1) imagination, vision, illusion
2) web space of Drew, a 20-something corporate slave-slash-self-proclaimed writer

A Journalism graduate from UST, Drew works as a web production editor for a British financial newspaper. He is one of the correspondents and social media editors of global pageant site Missosology. He also used to write pageant-related feature stories and reviews for online news site Rappler. | Follow me: @angharaya

7 thoughts on “The pageant fan

  1. Hello! Please do allow me to promote my blog to your site so that anyone can see my blogs and can interact with me. This site is still fresh and hot from the press and its already 5 days old.

    Please do visit my blogsite at for the latest and fresh news about the upcoming beauty pageants for 2015 and beyond.


    John Michael Angelo
    Newbie Beauty Pageant Blogger
    Author of Obsessive Beauty Pageant Fan

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