Miss Supranational 2016: Fearless forecast

All roads lead to Krynica Zdrój in Poland as the youngest of the Big5 pageants stages its much anticipated “Supra Show” tonight. With 71 candidates from across the globe, only one will be crowned Miss Supranational 2016.

Compared to previous years, this batch is relatively weak. With no clear front-runners this year, it’s going to be anyone’s ball game. And what happens with “weak” seasons, the powerhouse countries usually reign supreme.

After crowning the stunning Stephania Stegman last year, it would be a wise decision for Miss Supranational to crown another Latina. If they want to expand their market in South America, it would be best to crown Venezuela or Mexico.

The emerging pageant powerhouse continent of Asia sent strong ladies this year again and the likes of Philippines, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and India could very well represent the organization, too.

Meanwhile, Ukraine, Poland, and Hungary are the flag-bearers of Europe and could easily snatch the crown.

Check out my full list below:


1 VENEZUELA | Valeria Vespoli
2 PHILIPPINES | Joanna Eden
3 MEXICO | Cynthia de la Vega
4 UKRAINE | Lenna Anastasiia
5 SRI LANKA | Ornella M.J. Gunesekere


6 INDONESIA | Intan Aletrino
7 POLAND | Ewa Mielnicka
8 SURINAME | Jaleesa Pigot
9 HUNGARY | Korinna Kocsis
10 INDIA | Srinidhi Shetty


11 ECUADOR | Maria Isabel Pineyro
12 THAILAND | Chatchadaporn Kimakorn
13 PARAGUAY | Viviana Florentin
14 SLOVAK REPUBLIC | Lenka Tekeljakova
15 SOUTH AFRICA | Talitha Bothma


16 UNITED STATES | Alexis Sherrill
17 COLOMBIA | Lorena de Lima
18 ENGLAND | Angelina Kali
19 RWANDA | Colombe Akiwacu
20 ANGOLA | Maria Moises


21 GERMANY | Anja-Vanessa Peter
22 JAPAN | Risa Nagashima
23 BELGIUM | Amina Serroukh
24 MYANMAR | Swe Zin Htet
25 BRAZIL | Cloris Ioanna Junges

Asians dominate Miss Supranational, Miss Intercontinental pageants

Asian victories in Europe: Thailand in Miss Intercontinental and India in Miss Supranational (Photos: Missosology)

Thailand’s Patraporn Wang won the Miss Intercontinental title last December 4 in Madgeburg, Germany, while India’s Asha Baht was crowned Miss Supranational the following day in Warsaw, Poland. This marks the first time that the two countries won in their respective international pageants.

The Philippines’ representatives in both pageants didn’t go home empty-handed. Kris Tiffany Janson placed 2nd runner-up to Wang in Miss Intercontinental 2014. She was also named Miss Photogenic and Miss Intercontinental Asia and Oceania. Meanwhile, Yvethe Marie Santiago was the last girl to be called in the Top 20 of Miss Supranational 2014. She didn’t make it to the Top 10.

The continental queens which composed the Miss Intercontinental 2014 Top 5 finalists were Argentina’s Nadina Vallina (South America), Cuba’s Jeslie Mergal (North America), South Africa’s Donique Leonard (Africa), Portugal’s Joana Martins (Europe) and Philippines’ Kris Tiffany Janson (Asia and Oceania). After a few minutes, it was announced that instead of a Top 5, there will be a Top 6 because Wang’s scores were tied with Miss Philippines.

Miss Intercontinental Top 3 from the Philippines, Thailand and  (Photo: Missosology)
Miss Intercontinental Top 3 from the Philippines, Thailand and (Photo: Missosology)

The Thai beauty queens’ victory came as a shock after she had a hard time answering the final question given to her. many pageant fans thought the crown was between Cuba and the Philippines.

Watch the Q&A round here:

In the end, Miss Cuba and Miss Philippines placd 1st and 2nd runners-up, respectively.

The rest of the Top 16 finalists were: Puerto Rico (Keysi Marie Vargas), Canada (Delaney Holley), Ecuador (Ena Cordova), Brazil (Janayna Figueiredo), Myanmar (Angel Lamung), Mauritius (Nathalie Lesage), Nigeria (Judith Okafor), Poland (Magdalena Michalak), Turkey (Özge Güneş), and England (Laura Gregory).

Asians were the big winners in Miss Supranational with Miss India winning the crown and Thailand’s Parapadsorn Disdamrong placing 1st runenr-up. Gabon’s Maggaly Nguema was second runner-up, USA’s Allyn Rose was third runner-up and the host delegate Poland’s Katarzyna Krzeszowska was fourth runner-up.

Miss Supranational Top 5:  USA, Poland, Gabon, India and Thailand
Miss Supranational Top 5: USA, Poland, Gabon, India and Thailand (Photo: Missosology)

Completing the Top 10 were: Myanmar (Han Thi), Czech Republic (Jana Zapletalova), Puerto Rico (Barbara Marrero), Spain (Celia Vallespir Garcia) and Colombia (Marlyn Mora).

The rest of the finalists were: Romania (Elena Zama), Canada (Gabriela Clesca), Belarus (Kristina Martsinkevich), Switzerland (Mylene Clavien), Sweden (Ida Ovmar), Trinidad and Tobago (Tinnitia Griffith), Australia (Yvonne Amores), Chile (Charlotte Molina), Argentina (Marisol Arrillaga) and Philippines (Yvethe Avisado Santiago).

Watch the crowning moment here:

Miss Supranational 2013 is PHILIPPINES, Mutya Datul!

Mutya Datul of the PHILIPPINES, Miss Supranational 2013
Mutya Datul of the PHILIPPINES, Miss Supranational 2013

Mutya Datul of the Philippines was crowned Miss Supranational 2013 in Minsk, Belarus tonight, besting 82 other gorgeous ladies from all over the world. She is the first Filipina and Asian to win the title.

Completing the top five are the following:

  • 1st RUNNER UP: Mexico, Jacqueline Morales
  • 2nd RUNNER UP: Turkey, Leyla Köse
  • 3rd RUNNER UP: Indonesia, Cok Istri Krisnanda Widani
  • 4th RUNNER UP: US Virgin Islands, Esonica Veira

Competing the top 20 are:

  • Venezuela – Annie Fuenmayor
  • Puerto Rico – Desirée Del Rio
  • Australia – Esma Voloder
  • Poland – Angelika Ogryzek
  • Gabon – Hillary Ondo
  • Canada – Suzette Hernandez
  • Thailand – Thanyaporn Srisen
  • Luxembourg – Heloise Paulmier
  • India – Vijaya Sharma
  • Myanmar – Khin Wint Wah
  • Belarus – Veronika Chachina
  • Russia – Yana Dubnik
  • Latvia – Diana Kubasova
  • Brazil – Raquel Benetti
  • Ukraine – Kateryna Sandulova
Winners all! Miss Supranational 2013 Top 5 (first row) and continental queens (second row). Photo by Milton Mieloch

Continental Queens:

  • Miss Asia and Oceania: Australia
  • Miss America: Brazil
  • Miss Europe: Belarus
  • Miss Africa: Gabon

Special Awardees:

  • Miss Internet: Myanmar
  • Miss National Dress: Nicaragua
  • Miss Talent: Malaysia
  • Miss Friendship: Macau
  • Miss Personality: Philippines
  • Miss Elegance: Sweden
  • Miss Top Model:- Moldova
  • Miss Photogenic:- Puerto Rico

Watch the crowning moment here:

Philippines’ Mutya Datul makes it to Top 20 of Miss Supranational

Mutya Datul being called into as one off the Top 20 girls
Mutya Datul being called into as one off the Top 20 girls

Mutya Datul of the Philippines made it to the Top 20 of Miss Supranational 2013.

Here’s the complete list of semifinalists:

  • Venezuela
  • Puerto Rico
  • Australia
  • Poland
  • Gabon
  • Canada
  • Thailand
  • Indonesia
  • US Virgin Islands
  • Luxembourg
  • India
  • Mexico
  • Myanmar
  • Belarus
  • Philippines
  • Russia
  • Latvia
  • Brazil
  • Turkey
  • Ukraine