Catriona Gray is Miss World Philippines 2016

As expected and predicted, Catriona Gray bagged the Miss World Philippines 2016 title on Sunday at the Manila Hotel.

The 22-year-old Filipino-Australian model from Albay will represent the country at the prestigious Miss World pageant, to be held in December in Washington DC, USA.


Catriona also bagged Miss Manila Hotel, Miss Hannah, Best in Fashion Runway, Best in Swimsuit, Best in Evening Gown and Best in Fashion Runway.

Asked why she should win, Gray said: “To be a Miss World is to be passed a torch that burns with passion and purpose. If I am to become MIss World Philippines, I will dedicate my voice and essence to carry that torch and to set charitable causes alight, such as my personal advocacy, the Paraiso Bright Beginnings Project. And I would focus on passing on this torch to empower others because I believe together there is no darkness in this world that our light cannot overcome.”

Her court included Arienne Calingo (1st princess), Ivanna Pacis (2nd princess), Marah Muñoz (3rd princess) and Sandra Lemonon (4th princess). Photos by Bong Tan of


Miss World Philippines 2016: Meet the candidates

The 25 candidates of Miss World Philippines 2016 were officially presented to the press on Monday, September 5 at the Sampaguita Gardens in Quezon City.

Miss World Philippines director and CG Global Quest Inc head Cory Quirino and Miss World Philippines 2015 Hillarie Parungao were present at the event.

VIVA and CQGQ Inc recently forged a partnership to organize and produce Miss World Philippines. Quirino reassured the countless supporters of Miss World Philippines that the beauty pageant will be managed with as much dedication and passion as it was in the last five years- if not more.

Miss World Philippines will stage its traditional Gala Charity Event dubbed “Beauty in Giving” on September 20 at the Enderun Tent with Enderun as co-presentor and Tuloy Street Children Village Foundation and PGH Medical Foundation as beneficiaries.

The pageant night is scheduled for September 25 at the Manila Hotel and will be aired in GMA.

Check out the 25 official candidates below. Photos by Phildiz Photo Gallery, Inc.

1 Maria Paula Prose, 23, Cagayan
1 Maria Paula Prose, 23, Cagayan
2 Shenna Zaldivar, 19, Dapitan City
2 Shenna Zaldivar, 19, Dapitan City
3 Rosette Tayam, 21, Zambales
3 Rosette Tayam, 21, Zambales
4 Alyana Cagandahan, 23, Laguna
4 Alyana Cagandahan, 23, Laguna
5 Arienne Calingua, 24, Pampanga
5 Arienne Calingua, 24, Pampanga
6 Casey Austria, 25, Bicol
6 Casey Austria, 25, Bicol
7 Sarah Joson, 23, Manila
7 Sarah Joson, 23, Manila
8 Sandra Lemonon, 21, Pasig City
8 Sandra Lemonon, 21, Pasig City
9 Jan Helen Villanueva, 24, Bulacan
9 Jan Helen Villanueva, 24, Bulacan
10 Kristine Lopez, 22, Bulacan
10 Kristine Lopez, 22, Bulacan
11 Shaina Sazon, 18, Makati City
11 Shaina Sazon, 18, Makati City
12 Arah Salientes, 20, San Fernando, Pampanga
12 Arah Salientes, 20, San Fernando, Pampanga
13 Catriona Gray, 22, Albay
13 Catriona Gray, 22, Albay
14 Madeleine Magdaleno Uy, 18, Nueva Ecija
14 Madeleine Magdaleno Uy, 18, Nueva Ecija
15 Charlene Fontanilla, 19, Mandaluyong City
15 Charlene Fontanilla, 19, Mandaluyong City
16 Roshiel Asingua, 21, Cebu City
16 Roshiel Asingua, 21, Cebu City
17 Irina Cortez, 21, Makati City
17 Irina Cortez, 21, Makati City
18 Ivanna Pacis, 20, Makati City
18 Ivanna Pacis, 20, Makati City
19 Vinnie Camille Quiangco, 23, Roxas City
19 Vinnie Camille Quiangco, 23, Roxas City
20 Quenie Lorenzo, 18, Bulacan
20 Quenie Lorenzo, 18, Bulacan
21 Marah Munoz, 23, Paranaque City
21 Marah Munoz, 23, Paranaque City
22 Jane Pactoranan, 21, Antipolo City
22 Jane Pactoranan, 21, Antipolo City
23 Ralph Lauren Asuncion, 25, Batangas City
23 Ralph Lauren Asuncion, 25, Batangas City
24 Yara Caunca, 19, Las Pinas City
24 Yara Caunca, 19, Las Pinas City
25 Ivy Enriquez, 21, Bataan (Photo by FabManilaPH)

Miss World Philippines 2015: Fearless predictions


The Philippines has been very successful in the Miss World pageant since Cory Quirino took over the franchise in 2011. In just four years, the country already got its first Miss World crown via Megan Young, a runner-up (Gwendoline Ruais), a semifinalist (Queenierich Rehman) and a quarterfinalist (Valerie Weigmann).

Who among this year’s candidates will wear the Philippines sash in Sanya, China for the Miss World 2015 finals in December? Here are my final predictions:

1 Hillarie Parungao

2 Emma Tiglao

3 Avonlea Paraiso

4 Mia Howell

5 Jeddahliz Maltezo

6 Cassandra Naidas

7 Jessica McEwen

8 Vianca Marcelo

9 Christelle Abelo

10 Janelle Tee

11 Grapes Pacara

12 Casey Austria

Miss World Philippines 2015 Mindanao Search: Finals set for Aug 9

The search is on for Miss World Philippines 2015 and the road to the crown has begun in Mindanao.

Thirteen ladies from different cities, municipalities and provinces in the southern part of the country will battle it out tonight, August 9, for the Miss World Philippines Mindanao Search 2015. The grand winner and her four runners-up will head on to compete in the national finals of Miss World Philippines.

Reigning Miss World Philippines Valerie Weigmann and  MWP national director Cory Quirino will sit as judges in tonight’s competition.

Check out the 13 candidates below:

The good, the bad and the beautiful: Miss World Philippines 2014 post-pageant review

Valerie Weigmann was expected to win the Miss World Philippines 2014 crown the moment she appeared during the screenings. But the 24-year-old TV host and professional model did not rely on her popularity for the shot at the crown: she made sure she will make it based on her own merits.

hk2gEoCThe good
The Filipino-German beauty exuded sexiness and elegance throughout the finals night. But what is commendable is that despite being the perceived “favorite”, Weigmann appeared humble and genuine even after getting the lion’s share of special awards.

She was channeling Oxana Fedorova (dethroned Miss Universe 2002) during the evening gown competition with her straight black hair, flowy empire cut gown and side poses. She has the right amount of sweetness and regal bearing that made her win Best in Long Gown. Prior to that she also bagged the Best in Swimsuit award as well as the Best in Fashion Runway which automatically placed her in the Top 13.

The night was already hers, and it seemed that the rest of the candidates were just competing for the runner-up positions. But what sealed the deal for Weigmann was her well-composed answer when asked why she should win the title: “I try to live my life in relation to others, by putting myself into other people’s shoes. I believe in the importance of empathy and compassion because I see if all of us can come together and work as one we can all be advocates of change. And I want to inspire and encourage everyone to take up a personal advocacy such as my own…because I believe it is truly in giving that makes us beautiful.”

BrpplfEFinishing as first princess was Lorraine Kendrickson (#1) who was also one of the favorites prior to the competition proper. She gave solid performances in both swimsuit and evening gown. She was also named Miss Sports.

The most pleasant surprise of the night was Nelda Ibe (#20), who finished 2nd princess. The curly hair parted to one side and her good runway skills worked to her advantage. But her shining moment was when she was named Miss Photogenic, earning her a spot in the semifinals.

Nicole Donesa (#14) finishing 3rd princess and Rachel Louise Peters as 4th princess were some of the night’s upsets.

Donesa, a GMA contract artist, did well during the question-and-answer portion, but her overall performance was lackluster. Gazini Christiana Ganados (#5) and Ina Dominica Guerrero (#12) were far more deserving to be in the Top 5 based on overall packaging and performance.

Peters was expected to deliver well during the finals and she sure did a good job. She was breezing through the competition, until the Q&A. In the middle of her speech, she choked and then giggled. She kissed the crown goodbye during that moment.

FNQ84ENCompleting the Top 13 were Gazini Christiana Ganados (#5), Alexa Kirby (#3), Kristine Angeli Estoque (#6), Chrisitne Balaguer (#12) Ina Dominica Guerrero (#16), Kimberly Anne Sarreal (#13), Priscilla Kimberley dela Cruz (#4) and Kimberly Pajares (#17).

Sarreal’s performance was forgettable but she was fast-tracked to the Top 13 after being named Miss Sun Cellular.

The bad
How a special award from a telecom sponsor merited an automatic semifinals placement instead of the Miss Sports and Best in Talent (won by candidate #21 Jean Marie Feliciano) awards is baffling. In Miss World, winners of the sports and talent challenge events are fast-tracked to the Top 20.

Too many special awards were given during the finals night and this ate a lot of airtime. These should have just been awarded during gala night and just save the major special awards for the finals.

UCUT3tLHosts Mikael Daez and Janine Gutierrez did okay as first-time pageant hosts. Gwendoline Ruais as expected delivered well, considering she already hosted the online episodes for Miss World in Bali last year. Tim Yap, who even mispronounced Valerie’s surname twice (first at the backstage interview and second during the closing spiel), was irrelevant.

Having the Yagit child star carry the sash during the crowning was also unnecessary. Why was she in the pageant night that ended way past her bed time? It seemed like a desperate attempt for GMA to promote their show and artist.

Despite these, the production improved overall. The stage wasn’t that big but it was utilized well. The show appeared more glossy on TV, too.

The beautiful
Perhaps the best moment was the opening number. After a VTR showing her journey, Young walked on stage looking immaculate in that Leo Almodal creation. Her spiel surely gave anyone watching the show goosebumps: “I have the honor to stand before you tonight as the first Filipina Miss World.”

The new Miss World Philippines faces great challenge to score a back-to-back win for the country or at least keep the placement streak going in Miss World.

GUORXX0Weigmann’s trainers have already polished her, but she needs to undergo rigid training keep her good figure, improve her communication skills as well as to find the perfect look that will suit the standards of the international pageant. Most importantly, she must prepare her Beauty With a Purpose material as it is one of Miss World’s main considerations in choosing a winner.

The pressure will be there as she has only a month to prepare before she leaves for London to compete. But with the drive to succeed plus the best pageant fans to support her, it will surely be a beautiful journey.

This article was first published on Rappler
Photos: Missosology’s Bong Tan and Rappler

Valerie Weigmann is Miss World Philippines 2014

Reigning Miss World Megan Young crowns Valerie Weigmann

As predicted, candidate #19 Valerie Weigmann was crowned Miss World Philippines 2014, besting 25 other girls to earn the right to represent the country in the Miss World pageant be held in London in December.

Asked during the final question round why she should win Miss World, the 24-year-old Filipino-German TV host and model said:  “I try to live my life in relation to others, by putting myself into other people’s shoes. I believe in the importance of empathy and compassion because I see if all of us can come together and work as one we can all be advocates of change. And I want to inspire and encourage everyone to take up a personal advocacy such as my own…because I believe it is truly in giving that makes us beautiful.”

The top 5

Lorraine Kendrickson (#1) finished first princess while Nelda Ibe (#20) was second princess. Nicole Donesa (#14) and Rachel Louise Peters (#7) were third and fourth princesses, repectively.

Completing the Top 13 were: #16 Ina Dominica E. Guerrero, 12. Christine R. Balaguer, #6 Kristine Angeli Q. Estoque, #3 Alexa R. Kirby, #4 Priscilla Kimberley Dela Cruz, #13 Kimberly Anne T. Sarreal, #17 Kimberly L. Pajares, and #5 Gazini Christiana J. Ganados.

The Top 13

Weigmann got the lion’s share of special awards, including Best in Swimwear, Best in Long Gown and Best in Fashion Runway. Ibe was named Miss Photogenic while Kendrickson won Miss Sports.

Photos: Missosology

Miss World Philippines 2014: My fearless predictions

History was made last year when Megan Young became the first Filipino to win the elusive Miss World crown. She promised “to be the best Miss World ever” and has so far done an impressive job as the ambassadress of the “Beauty with a Purpose” program.

For sure, the whole world is already keeping an eye on delegate we will be sending in London this December for the 2014 world finals. Who among this year’s 26 candidates measure up with the standards set by Megan? Here’s my prediction:


miss-world-ph-2014-top-contendersMiss World Philippines 2014: Valerie Weigmann (#19)
All eyes are on Valerie, who has been touted as “the girl to beat” since Day 1. Much is expected of her since she is already a TV personality and a professional model prior to joining the pageants. But since the pageant started, this 25-year-old Filipino-German just shines with her queenly aura. No wonder she won the Miss World Camsur special title during the pre-pageant activity held in the province.

Among the candidates, she is the most ready to conquer the Miss World stage. She has a toned and shapely body that is ready for the Beach Beauty segment. Her experience in professional modeling will surely work to her advantage if she competers in the Top Model competition. She could pull off some magic tricks that could impress the judges of Miss World’s talent portion. Though not that sporty, Val has been regularly going to the gym which could help her endure the strenuous Sports competition. Most importantly, she has an interesting advocacy. She is actively involved in Musikaramay (, which aims to raise funds to provide livelihood and healthcare for the Aetas of Tarlac through music.

All these plus her stunning face and calm aura, Val is undoubtedly the best girl to wear the Philippines sash in Miss World this year.

1st princess: Rachel Louise Peters (#7)
Rachel has the best body in the competition. She was one of the standouts during the press presentation and also managed to wow the judges during the Miss World Camsur mini-pageant. Winning the Best in Swimsuit and Miss Photogenic awards in that pre-pageant activity cemented her status as a front-runner in the competition.

What Rachel needs to focus on is to make her catwalk skills more natural. Though not the most stunning facially, her universal beauty, good communication skills and impressive academic background are enough to bring her closer to the crown.

2nd princess: Lorraine Kendrickson (#1)
Lorraine has one of the prettiest faces in the competition. She was a sight to behold during the press presentation: she appeared on stage with a winsome smile, she introduced herself well and her catwalk commands attention. This 19-year-old print and ramp model is already polished though at times she appears too pageant patty. Despite this, she remains a strong contender for the title.

3rd princess: Christine Balaguer (#12)
Based on her credentials alone, 24-year-old Christine could already pass as a Miss World candidate. She is into swimming and is a dragon boat team member. She is an experienced print and ramp model despite her hearing impairment. Her advocacy on becoming a role model for deaf people like her would make a good Beauty With A Purpose campaign. Overall, she is a strong candidate. She just needs to work on finding that perfect look for the finals to make her look fresher.
4th princess: Gazini Christiana Ganados (#5)
Unlike the other front-runenrs, Gazini is yet to find her defining moment in the competition. But it can’t be denied that this 19-year-old Cebuana has one of the freshest faces and the sexiest bodies. She is effortless on swimsuits no wonder she made it to the Top 10 of Miss Bikini Philippines 2014. She still needs more training to polish her pageant skills, but that stunning beauty deserves no less than a Top 5 finish.


miss-world-ph-2014-might-take-it-all6: Ina Dominica Guerrero (#16)
It’s not hard for her to get noticed because of her exotic looks. But aside from that, 21-year-old Ina catches people’s attention because her stage motion is unparalleled. She has been among the most consistent since the screenings. But her best asset is her toned bidy, which has improved since her Miss Philippines Earth stint two years ago.

7: Nelda Ibe (#20)
Nelda, 21, was among the standouts in the presentation show but despite that, she remains underrated. But if her gala fashion show performance is any indication, this former Mutya ng Pilipinas candidate could be pull off a surprise come finals night. She flawlessly worked that blue dress, despite being side-by-side two heavy favorites. She should keep that good styling, too.

8: Alexa Rae Kirby (#3)
At 18, Alexa is no longer new to pageants. Back in the US, she joined Miss Teen Pennsylvania USA and Miss Teen Philippines before winning Miss Philippines Quest-USA 2014 that earned her an automatic slot in this year’s MWP roster. She already has the goods; however, her performance during the press presentation was a little subdued.

9: Eliza Johanna Cruz (#25)
Eliza, 20, isn;’ just banking on her famous celebrity surname (she’s the sister of Geneva Cruz) for a shot at the crown. In fact, she underwent training with one of the pageant camps. This girl is into marathons, no wonder she has a healthy, toned body. She looks pretty in photos but in motion, she is bordering boring. She needs to add a more fire to her performance to keep up with the rest.

10: Kristine Angeli Estoque (#6)
Kristine, 21, is a diamond in the rough. Her greatest asset is her morena beauty, which is perfectly complemented by her long straight hair. Aside from that, She has so much potential but just needs to tone that body a bit more.

11: Nicole Donesa (#14)
After her luckless stint in Bb Pilipinas 2012, 20-year-old Nicole is back for another shot at being a beauty queen. Her personality is more relatable now, thanks to her showbiz background now. However, her body and presentation skills remain her waterloo. Aside from that, her beauty just doesn’t suit the beauty queen template.

12: Jean Marie Feliciano (#21)
Jean Marie is very engaging to watch on stage with her toned body and good catwalk skills. No wonder, she won Best in Swimsuit in the inaugural Miss Grand Philippines pageant held last August. But despite being among the tallest, she just blends in when beside the rest of the girls. She just needs to find that perfect look for the finals to stand out.

13: Ranielah Marie Oval (#9)
Ranielah, 22, may not be a favorite but she has the pageant experience to prove her worth. She placed as a runner-up in pageants in Palawan and has competed in compete in Miss Casino Filipino and Miss Bikini Philippines. She may not be the best in the beauty department but she walks with so much confidence on stage. This adorable personality could be her ticket the semifinals.


miss-world-ph-2014-almost-there14: Ruffa Nava (#18)
Tagged by Cosmopolitan Magazine as one of the sexiest models in the country, 21-year-old Ruffa is undeniably gorgeous especially when she hits the runway. However, her styling during the press presentation and gala night were disappointing. She needs to find the right hairstyle to complement her beauty. Just a suggestion: ditch the curls and go for a bun or do the wet look a la Miss Universe 2006 Zuleyka Rivera.

15: Priscilla Kimberley dela Cruz (#4)
With this 24-year-old Filipino-American-Latina’s pageant experience (she competed but went home empty-handed in Mutya ng Pilipinas and Miss Bikini Philippines 2012), it won’t be surprising to see her make the cut. Aside from her nice body, she has a radiant skin complexion that would make her noticeable and a warm smile that could catch anyone’s attention.

Miss World Philippines 2014: Mixed-race beauties

Mixed-race beauties are the most successful candidates of Miss World Philippines based on the previous winners of MWP. Gwendoline Ruais (2011) is half-French, Queneerich Rehman (2012) is half-Pakistani while Megan Yuong (2013) is half-American. This year, the “halfties” are again among the strongest candidates in the competition.

QwWHetuTwo Filipino-British ladies are hoping to wear the Philippine sash in Miss World 2014, which will be held in its home city of London on December. One of them is Lorraine Kendrickson (#1), a 19-year-old print and ramp model. She was Miss Dumaguete 2013. Another is Rachel Louise Peters (#7) of Camariners Sur. She holds a business degree from La Trobe University in Victoria, Australia.

Aside from Valerie Weigmann, another Filipino-German beauty is eyeing victory. She is 19-year-old model Gazini Christiana Ganados from Cebu City..No stranger to pageants, Gazini was a Top 10 finalist in Miss Bikini Philippines 2014.

Representing the Filipino-American community is 18-year-old Alexa Rae Kirby. This summer camp counselor earned an automatic slot in this year’s roster of candidates after winning the Miss Philippines Quest-USA pageant early this year. Prior to that, she joined Miss Teen Pennsylvania USA and Miss Teen Philippines.

Who among these girls will earn the right to represent the Philippines in the Miss World finals in December? We’ll find out on October 12.

Full version of this article was first published in Rappler.

Miss World Philippines 2014: The crossover ladies and the local pageant veterans

Did you know that before Gwendoline Ruais and Queneerich Rehman made it to the Miss World stage, they were Bb Pilipinas semi-finalists? Like them, these candidates crossed over from another national pageant in hopes of winning a crown.

lRB0lZcOne of the most experienced candidates is 22-year-old Ina Dominica Guerrero, who represented Daraga, Albay in Miss Philippines Earth 2012. She was a Top 10 finalist in Miss Bicolandia 2014. Tourism graduate Priscilla Kimberley dela Cruz (#4) represented Olongapo in Mutya ng Pilipinas 2012, while Nelda Ibe (#20) was Tarlac’s bet in Mutya ng Pilipinas 2013. Both failed to make the cut in their respective competitions. Also coming from a major beauty pageant is Nicole Donesa (#14) who was unplaced in Bb Pilipinas 2013.

j64ycbOComing from minor national pageants are Jean Marie Feliciano (#21) and Frances Ruth Constantino (#23). Jean Marie is a licensed nurse and was adjudged Best in Swimsuit during the Miss Grand Philippines 2014 pageant. Frances, meanwhile, was Queen of Malabon in the Queen of the Philippines 2014 pageant won by deaf-mute student Princess Alanis Pura.

Local pageant veterans
Aside from girls from other major pageants, we also never run out of veterans from the grassroots level. Experience surely made these girls more than prepared to battle it out at the national level.

bUetzEyPerhaps the most experienced is hospitality management graduate Ranielah Marie Oval (#9). After finishing 3rd runner-up in Mutya ng Palawan 2010, she went on to compete in Miss Casino Filipino 2011 and Miss Bikini Philippines 2013. She also placed 1st runner-up in Miss Puerto Princesa 2013.

Also from the same province is 18-year-old Cyra Guilalas (#2). She was Mutya ng Palawan 2014 2nd runner-up representing Magsaysay. Biology major Kristine Angeli Estoque (#6) was second runner-up in Mutya ng Dabaw 2013. She also won Best in Talent after playing the kulintang.

Who among these girls will earn the right to represent the Philippines in the Miss World finals in December? We’ll find out on October 12.

Full version of this story was first published in Rappler.

Miss World Philippines 2014: Gala Charity Night

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The 26 candidates of Miss World Philippines 2014 walked the runway at the Gala Charity Night held yesterday October 7 at the Solaire Resort and Casino Grand Ballroom.

The candidates wore the gowns from Vatican Fashion Museum designers Arnold Galang, Dave Ocampo, Edwin Uy, Eric delos Santos, Jontie Martinez, Nickky Martinez, Roland Lirio, Simon Ariel Vasquez, Ulysses King, Yako Reyes. Accessories designers: Christopher Munar, Edmir Lagui of Envoy and Toni Escario of Toni & Berne.

The gala night also served as the fashion runway competition. The winner will be announced at the coronation night on Sunday, October 12.

Photos: Missosology