Jamie Herrell of Cebu City wins Miss Philippines Earth 2014!

Miss Philippines Earth 2014 Jamie Herrell, center, with her elemental court. ALL PHOTOS BY MISSOSOLOGY
Miss Philippines Earth 2014 Jamie Herrell, center, with her elemental court. ALL PHOTOS BY MISSOSOLOGY

Heavy favorite Jamie Herrell of Cebu City was crowned Miss Philippines Earth 2014 at the pageant night on Sunday, winning the right to represent the country in the international Miss Earth contest.

During the question-and-answer portion, Herrell was asked by former Akbayan representative Risa Hontiveros if “we, human beings, have been good children to Mother Earth”.

Host RObi Domingo and Jamie Herrell during the Q&A round.
Host RObi Domingo and Jamie Herrell during the Q&A round.

The 19-year-old Cebuana replied: “In my opinion, we haven’t been good children. In fact, I believe that we are the number one cause of her problems, we are the reason why we’re having climate change, and we are the reason why we’re having floods. But in return, if we can only help her and salvage her, she will help us back and take care of us too.”

Herrell follows a three-year successful streak of the Philippines in the Miss Earth pageant. Athena Imperial and Stephany Stefanowitz both made it to the Top 4 of the international pageant in 2011 and 2012 respectively, while Angelee Delos Reyes finished in the Top 8 last year.

Completing Herrell’s elemental court are Diane Carmela Querrer of Tanauan City (Miss Philippines Air), Kimverly Covert of Dumaguete City (Miss Philippines Water), Ma Paula Bianca Paz (Miss Philippines Fire) and Monique Teruelle Manuel (Miss Philippines Eco-Tourism.

Querrer and Manuel were MPE repeaters, while Paz was named 3rd Princess in Miss World Philippines in 2011 and 2013.

The Top 15 in evening gown
The Top 15 in evening gown

Finishing in the Top 10 are: Maria Jenny Gonzalez (Cainta, Rizal), Maria Bencelle Bianzon (Duenas, Iloilo), Crystal Star Aberasturi (Liloan, Cebu), Angelie Crizelle Ocampo (Santa Rita, Pampanga) and Melanie Balagtas (Fil-Sydney, Australia).

Mary Anne Ross Misa (Makati City), Ashlejane Alcancia (Fil-Brussels, Belgium), Janelle Tee (Davao City), Sarah Theresa Stewart (Muntinlupa City) and Leslie Ann Pine (San Leonardo, Nueva Ecija).




Miss Philippines Earth 2014: My Fearless Prediction

From candidates passing out to alleged pageant bullying, this year’s Miss Philippines Earth pageant is definitely one of the most talked about editions. Aside from that, this could also be considered as the most competitive batch of candidates with both newbies and veterans battling it out to become the ultimate eco-warrior.

Who are leading the race to the Miss Philippines Earth crown? Who will emerge victorious come coronation night on May 11? Here’s the my final list:

A15th: Cabuyao City – Roanne Refrea
One of the most underrated candidates is Roanne, who has already worn the Philippines sash in the2007 World Miss University pageant in Seoul, South Korea. Though unplaced, the experience has opened opportunities for her in modeling. She won a gold medal during the talent competition.

14th: Zamboanga City – Margie Alatan
In terms of pre-pageant performance, Margie is a downgrade from last year’s delegate. She only bagged a silver medal in the Resorts Wear competition. Despite this Margie owns a distinct charm that makes her lovable especially when she smiles.

13th: Laoag City – Ma. Theresa Ocampo
She failed to make it as an official candidate in Bb Pilipinas 2014 but that didn’t stop Theresa from pursuing pageants. Although not among the heavily favored candidates, she could also pull off a surprise. Her best asset is her eloquence, which she showcased in her eco-video. This girl sure knows by heart what Miss Philippines Earth is all about.

12th: Trece Martires, Cavite – Joselle Mariano
She was about to go unnoiticed in the competition until she won the gold medal for the Evening Gown competition. She wasn’t even on fans’ lists, but throughout the course of the competition she has proven her worth. She might pull of a surprise come finals.

11th: Agoncillo, Batangas – Kaycie Lyn Fajardo
No stranger to pageants, Kaycie was Mutya ng Agoncillo 2012 and Mutya ng Batangas 2012 3rd runner-up. She won gold in the Miss Photogenic and Best Eco-video online voting and a bronze from the Make-up challenge. This girl just needs that perfect styling during the finals to make an impact.

pasig10th: Pasig City – Jashmin-Lyn Dimaculangan
One of the freshest faces in the batch, Jashmin easily stands out because of her commanding presence. No wonder this girl bagged the gold medal in the Catwalk competition. However, competition is stiff and she gets overshadowed by the heavy favorites. Also she’s still raw for pageants at 18. Should she comeback in a year or two with a toned body and better styling, I definitely see her making waves in an international pageant.

dinalupihan9th: Dinalupihan, Bataan – Monique Teruelle Manuel
Another MPE repeater who is determined to win it all this time is Monique. She may have not won a single medal, but this doesn’t mean her chances of placing are slim. Neither does she have the perfect face nor the voluptuous body, but her intellect and communication skills will surely work to her advantage.

duenas8th: Dueñas, Iloilo – Ma. Bencelle Bianzon
The best lesson Bencelle has learned growing up is to “never give up on your dreams”. After her luckless stint in Bb Pilipinas last year, this model and IT professional is determined to pursue her dream of becoming a beauty queen. She has definitely improved a lot since with a refined walk and better styling. She finished third in both the Swimsuit Competition and the Online Miss Photogenic voting.

makati7th: Makati City – Mary Ann Ross Misa
As a pageant veteran, many fans expected Ross to be in her top form. She is an overall package: okay face, body, catwalk diva all rolled into one. However, it seems she is already past her pageant prime. Although she has won a gold for the Hairstyling challenge and a bronze for the Talent competition, these are no assurance that she will go all the way to the top. She needs to freshen up her look and give a memorable performance come pageant night.

tanauan6th: Tanauan City – Diane Carmela Querrer
She was disqualified in Bb Pilipinas 2014 a few days after the announcement of official candidates, but this didn’t stop Diane from pursuing her dream. She’s among the performers in this year’s MPE batch, having won golds for the Trash to Clash and Talent competitions. She may not be the best in terms of facial beauty, but her unwavering fighting spirit deserves recognition.

sydneyMiss Eco-Tourism: Fil-Sydney, Australia – Melanie Cristine Balagtas
Melanie wasn’t on anybody’s list before arrivals, but she surprised everyone by doing well in the preliminary activities. She placed third overall after winning medals in the Evening Gown and Talent competitions. Winning the Miss Philippines Australia 2013 title seems to have played much to her advantage. In terms of facial beauty, she is the best among the international delegates. Her styling and wardrobe are good. Melanie also seems well-versed in environmental causes, too. It wouldn’t be a surprise if she places higher come coronation night.

liloanMiss Fire: Liloan, Cebu – Crystal Star Aberasturi
Another darling of the press is the the bubbly Crystal who won bronze medals for the Talent and Swimsuit competitions. Her beauty fits the mold of former MPE winners Karla Henry and Stephany Stefanowitz. She is a natural charmer but at times her styling is bordering tacky. All she needs to do is improve her look to make herself more classy.

gapanMiss Water: Gapan City – Ma. Paula Bianca Paz
Bianca started out strong in the competition, having won silver medals from the Trash to Class and Hairstyling Challenges. She was also among the Darlings of the Press. It seems she has lost momentum though when other girls started to bloom. But being a pageant veteran (she tried out for Bb Pilipinas twice and was 3rd princess in Miss World Philippines n 2011 and 2013), she shouldn’t be counted out just yet. Bianca is a performer on stage and when coupled with the perfect look she could do real damage in the competition.

staritaMiss Air: Sta. Rita, Pampanga – Angelie Crizelle Ocampo
If there is one girl who is giving Miss Cebu a good fight, that would be Angelie. This Pampangueña nailed every pageant activity with her charm and class. No wonder she placed second in the Reality in ME overall challenge. Her rigid preparations also paid of when she bagged silver and bronze medals in the Beachwear Styling, Swimsuit and Resorts Wear competitions. She also won medals for Make-up and Hairstyling challenges. It wouldn’t be surprising if this girl will take home the crown.

cebuMiss Philippines Earth 2014: Cebu City – Jamie Herrell
The girl to beat is the best way to describe Jamie. She was named as the overall winner of the Reality in ME (pre-pageant) challenge after winning five gold (Fun For A Cause, Darling of the Press, Resort Wear, Swimsuit, and Cultural Wear competitions), three silver (Catwalk, Talent – dance category, and Hair and Make-Up competitions) and two bronze medals (Trash to Class and Evening Gown competitions). This is her first national pageant but it can’t be denied that the Cebuana beauty has prepared for this moment.

She is among the most talked about delegates, but Jamie lives up to the hype. Naysayers claim she is too short to be a beauty queen, but Jamie has proven them otherwise. Her fresh and charming face, good physique and gift of gab make her a major force to reckon with in the competition.

Miss Philippines Earth 2014: From ‘World’ to ‘Earth’

These two girls, in separate occasions, were runners-up to Miss World Philippines (MWP) winners. Now on their possible final attempts at winning a national crown via Miss Philippines Earth, will they finally make it?

Mary Anne Ross Misa: From Bb Pilipinas to Miss World Philippines to Miss Philippines Earth
Mary Anne Ross Misa: From Bb Pilipinas to Miss World Philippines to Miss Philippines Earth

Advertising graduate Mary Anne Ross Misa (Makati City) was first runner-up (first princess) to Queenierich Rehman in MWP 2012. But before that, she was a Top 10 finalist in BbP 2010 (won by Venus Raj). She was supposed to join BbP 2014 but withdrew her application before screenings were held.

Ma Paula Bianca Paz: From Bb Pilipinas to Miss World Philippines to Miss Philippines Earth
Ma Paula Bianca Paz: From Bb Pilipinas to Miss World Philippines to Miss Philippines Earth

Pageants have been a roller-coaster ride for Ma Paula Bianca Paz (Gapan City). She first joined BbP in 2009 but was unplaced. A year after she represented the Philippines in Asian Supermodel Search in China where she bagged the Miss Photogenic award. In 2011 she tried her luck in BbP. She made it as an official candidate but was disqualified due to a sexy photo shoot she did for a calendar years back. On the same year, she joined MWP where she finished as third princess. Two years after, she rejoined and was awarded Best in Long Gown. But this wasn’t enough to win the crown as she was again named third princess (Megan Young won the title). Biance is now emerging as a front-runner in this year’s MPE pageant, having won silver medals in the Trash to Class and hairstyling challenges.

Megan Young is Miss World Philippines 2013

AND THE WINNER IS… Final moments before Megan Young was proclaimed Miss World Philippines 2013. ©Missosology

The dream has finally come true.

Actress Megan Lynne Young was crowned Miss World Philippines 2013 last night at the Solaire Resorts and Casino and will be wearing the Philippines sash at the prestigious Miss World beauty pageant to be held in September 28 in Indonesia.

When asked why she should be Miss World Philippines, Young answered: “Miss World Philippines is selfless and to be selfless, you need to have heart. If I win Miss World Philippines, I would give myself wholeheartedly to be of service. Beauty with a heart.”


The rest of the winners are as follows:

First Princess:  Janicel Lubina
Second Princess:  Zahra Bianca Saldua
Third Princess: Maria Paula Bianca Paz
Fourth Princess: Omarie Linn Osuna

Rest of the Top 13:

Angelica Lopez
Karla Patricia Alas
Mercegrace Raquel
Patricia Lae Ejercitado
Paula Estenso
Samantha Mae Bernardo
Zandra Flores

Special awards:

Best in Talent: Samantha Mae Bernardo
Best in Fashion Runway: Megan Lynne Young
Miss Friendship: Zahra Bianca Saldua
Miss Sports by FILA: Megan Lynne Young
Miss Novu Hair: Patricia Ejercitado
Miss Reducin: Megan Lynne Young
Miss Redux Fat: Maria Paula Bianca Paz
Miss Pantene: Zahra Bianca Saldua
Miss Olay: Megan Lynne Young
Best in Swimwear: Janicel Lubina
Miss Laguna: Megan Lynne Young
Miss Bold and Glamorous by Revlon: Megan Lynne Young
Miss Figlia: Megan Lynne Young
Miss Photogenic: Janicel Lubina
Miss Bench Body: Megan Lynne Young
Best in Gown: Maria Paula Bianca Paz