Claudette’s, Salcedo Village, Makati City

Gastronomic Tuesday

My former work buddies were looking for a new to-go place for break time. One of them suggested Claudette’s.


The place
What I like about Claudette’s is that the place is just small, suitable for small chats with friends. Best time to go there is during late afternoons. They offer free WiFi, too. I’m no fan of their interiors, though. It looks  

The food
For my first visit, I ordered their Creamy Tuna Sandwich (p125). If you have a small appetite, this can be shared by two. It comes with chips and an egg-drop soup, too.

Carbonara (P150)
Carbonara (P150)

The next time I paid a visit, my friend Dane and I shared a plate of Carbonara (P150). I like my pasta creamy but not too sweet, and this just fits the bill perfectly. You can add as many Parmesan as you want. However, the second time I tried this one was a terrible experience. The inside was cold and I had to call the attention of the manager to have it heated again.

For dessert, I tried their Brazo de Mercedes (P70 slice, P350 roll). I’m a sucker for Brazo and the creaminess and puffiness of theirs is just heaven. I also liked that the outer layer was a bit crispy.

Brazo de Mercedes (P70)
Brazo de Mercedes (P70)

Overall, I liked the one’s I have tasted. I haven’t paid a visit for a few months now, but the next time I do I’ll try their famous Cloud 9 (P370  tray). Service was a little disappointing, too.

But if you have a sweet tooth and want to veer away from the populated Starbucks and Coffee Bean, Claudette’s is a good alternative.

Claudette's selection of cakes. From
Claudette’s selection of cakes. From

G/F Easton Place, 118 Valero St.Salcedo Village, Makati
(02) 843-3996
Full list of menu here