Neil Perez of Tondo wins top plum in Misters of the Philippines 2014

Neil Perez (second from left) with Mister Singapore 2014 Andy Wong, Mister Singapore Organization owner Alan Sim and Mister International 2013 Jose Anmer Paredes of Venezuela ALL PHOTOS BY DREW FRANCISCO

Neil Perez, the 29-year-old police officer from Tondo, Manila, won the Mister International Philippines title during the finals of the Misters of the Philippines 2014 pageant held Sunday, September 7.

He also bagged the lion’s share of special awards, including Best In Swimwear, Mister Photogenic and the Fitness Challenge fast track that earned him an automatic spot in the semi-finals. Neil will represent the country in the Mister International 2014 pageant to be held next month in South Korea.

From left: Joseph Doruelo (Global), Adam Davies (Model International), Neil Perez (International), Judah Cohen (Tourism International) and Nicko dela Cruz (1st runner-up)

Joining him in the winners’ circle are Mister Global Philippines 2014 Joseph Doruelo of Caloocan City (who also won Best in Talent earning him a spot in the semis), Mister Model International 2014 Adam Davis, of the Filipino Community of United Kingdom, Mister Tourism International 2014 Judah Cohen of the Filipino Community of USA and first runner-up Nicko dela Cruz of Sta Cruz, Manila.

Pageant Focus correctly predicted the placements of Neil, Joseph and Judah and a total of 12 out of 15 semi-finalists. Check out the prediction list here.

Completing the Top 9 finalists were: Elvin Tiel of Aklan, Alvin Arranguez of Cebu, Bap Petel of Davao del Sur, and Mark Andrew Baron of Navotas City (who was also fast tracked to the semis for being the fan vote winner). The rest of the Top 15 finalists were: Glenn Suba of San Luis, Pampanga (Fashion fast track winner); Gran Rego Atay of Siquijor; John Israel San Luis of Sta Maria, Bulacan; Alexis Francis Martinez of Mabalacat, Pampanga; Ichin Daclan of Sarangani and Niño Allain De Ocampo of Bocaue, Bulacan.

Edviro Fuentes Jr. of Samar won Best in Festival Costume, while Aklan’s Elvin Tiel was voted by his fellow candidates as Mister Friendship.

The finals night, held at the University of Makati Grand Theater, was hosted by Chico Garcia, Carlos Agassi and Angelee Claudette Delos Reyes. Attending the event were Alan Sim, the owner of Mister Singapore Organisation and Mister International pageant, and reigning Mister International Jose Anmer Paredes and Mister Singapore 2013 Andy Wong.

More photos from the event below:



Misters of the Philippines 2014: Final Review and Fearless Prediction

Tonight, four new ‘kings’ will be crowned at the conclusion of this year’s most awaited male pageant in the country, Misters of the Philippines 2014. But before that, let me present my final review on some of this year’s candidates.

Last Wednesday, I fortunate to have witnessed the pre-pageant competition. That has help a lot in separating the men from the boys, the front-runners from the underdogs.

EAT OUR DUST. The front-runners, the leaders, the potential winners – these guys lived up to the hype and are expected to battle it out for the the four titles at stake.

CaloocanCALOOCAN CITY – Joseph Doruelo
I said this before, I’ll say it once more: Joseph has one of the best faces in the competition. He’s got it all – looks, body and the brain. He could be sexy in his trunks and dashing in his suit. He is one of the most prepared candidates. One can’t deny that Joseph is in the game to win the game.

NavotasNAVOTAS CITY – Mark Andrew Baron
A real contender stands out, no matter how hard you try to ignore him. This rings true for Mark Andrew who managed to prove his mettle as the pageant progressed. He may not be the very manly handsome type of guy, but his cuteness and magnetic aura makes him standout.

SaranganiSARANGANI – Ichin Daclan
Ichin’s modeling and pageant experience and his good physique are his greatest advantages. One can’t deny that this man is in the game to win the game. He is so much prepared for this. Height might play a disadvatage, but who cares? He is bankable.

TondoTONDO, MANILA – Neil Perez
The face of the competition, “Mamang Pulis” definitely is the front-runner in this competition. He is clearly the choice of the mob, not just of the media mileage he got but because he really prepared for the pageant. His consistency and rigid preparation makes him a strong contender for the title. The tag “Distinctively Handsome” perfectly fits him.

Drop-dead gorgeous is the best phrase to describe Adam. He boasts of a well-sculpted body and towering height. He excudes so much charisma and natural sexiness that are just hard to ignore. He is the most marketable among the candidates because of his looks. Ragged or formal, he remains exquisitely handsome.

WAIT ‘TIL WE HIT THE STAGE. No heavy favorites, always in the safe zone, but these guys could definitely give the front-liners a run for their money.

AklanAKLAN- Elvin Tiel
As the first guy to come up on stage, Elvin surely sets the bar high! With a good body and tantalizing stares, he will definitely be there in the semis. He is the competition’s silent killer.

BocaueBOCAUE, BULACAN – Niño Allain De Ocampo
With his youthful aura and pretty face, Allain surely makes heads turn. He may not be as heavily favored as the others but his consistency makes him a strong contender.

CompostelaCOMPOSTELA VALLEY – Mario Esquierdo Jr.
The proud pedicab driver is surely one of the faces to watch out for in the finals. He is very attractive and exudes so much positive aura. He also commands attention on the catwalk. He is peaking at the right time in the competition.

Sta CruzSTA. CRUZ, MANILA – Nicko Dela Cruz
Nicko has a very sexy face, the body and the height advantage. His experience in modeling surely polished his walk because he was breezing through both swimwear and formal wear rounds in the pre-pageant. She has all the goods and could make the cut.

THE VULNERABLE. Much were expected of these guys but they were hits-and-misses throughout the competition. They still have potential to place, but need to work on their weaknesses.

CebuCEBU – Alvin Arranguez
Admit it, Alvin didn’t live up to pre-arrival expectations. He is tall, has a charming face but lacking in winning aura. At the moment, she is being overshadowed by stronger candidates. I don’t see a back-to-back victory for Cebu this year.

Davao del SurDAVAO DEL SUR – Bap Nograles Petel
Bap has the height advantage but his downfall is his not-so-pageant-ready body. He also needs to loosen up a bit in the formal wear, as he seems a bit stiff on stage. Nevertheless, he easily gets noticed when side-by-side the rest of the candidates.

San LuisSAN LUIS, PAMPANGA – Glenn Suba
Glenn was one of the early favorites during pre-arrivals, but his absence during the press presentation surely played to his disadvantage. Even during the pre-pageant competition, he was lackluster and just drowns when beside the others. He needs to bring more energy on stage.

He has the face, the height and the communication skills, add to that an impressive academic and corporate background. He was among the Top 5 Best in Swimwear, but I seriously think Judah needs to hit the gym ASAP.

NOT OVER ‘TIL IT’S OVER. The underrated boys in the competition who could be pleasant surprises come finals.

MabalacatMABALACAT, PAMPANGA- Alexis Francis Martinez
Tall with a nice body frame and a winsome smile, one would easily get smitten by Alexis’ charm. Not among the most talked about candidates, but could easily pull off an upset tonight.

PaombongPAOMBONG, BULACAN – Bernard Joseph Sumera
He was ignored at first because he didn’t have the facial advantage. But when Bernard hit the stage and started to showcase his dancing prowess, I started to notice this guy. He needs to add more fire to his presentation on stage to boost his chances.

SemiraraSEMIRARA ISLAND- Dennis Montero
Dennis may not have the face of a debonair, but he has a body of desire that will surely command your attention. Surprisingly, he gave a good performance during the pre-pageant.

 After much contemplattion, here’s my FINAL PREDICTION for tonight:


Mister International Philippines: TONDO, MANILA – Neil Perez

Mister Global: CALOOCAN CITY – Joseph Doruelo
Mister Model International: UNITED KINGDOM OF GREAT BRITAIN – Adam Davies
Mister Tourism International: STA. CRUZ, MANILA – Nicko Dela Cruz

5: SARANGANI – Ichin Daclan
6: NAVOTAS CITY – Mark Andrew Baron
7: AKLAN- Elvin Tiel
8: BOCAUE, BULACAN – Niño Allain De Ocampo
9: COMPOSTELA VALLEY – Mario Esquierdo Jr.
11: MABALACAT, PAMPANGA- Alexis Francis Martinez
12: PAOMBONG, BULACAN – Bernard Joseph Sumera
13: CEBU – Alvin Arranguez
14: DAVAO DEL SUR – Bap Nograles Petel


Photographs from Misters of the Philippines website and FabPhilippines FB page

Misters of the Philippines 2014: My early favorites

The excitement leading up to the finals of the Misters of the Philippines 2014 pageant is already peaking. But before the 26 men fight tooth and nail for the four titles at stake, let me first share a list of my early favorites.

CALOOCAN CITY, Joseph DorueloCALOOCAN CITY, Joseph Doruelo He’s got it all – looks, body and the brain. He’s a registered nurse by profession (who aspires to be a doctor, too) and also does print, commercial and ramp modelling. He may be the youngest contestant at 20, but he has one of the best faces in the pageant for me.

CEBU, Alvin ArranguezCEBU, Alvin Arranguez This hotel and restaurant management student from the University of Visayas says he will try his “very best to live up to the title that Cebu is the cradle of beauty in the south”, following the success of Cebuano Gil Wagas in last year’s Mister International pageant. With his towering 6’2″ tall and that winsome smile, he will surely get noticed easily.

DAVAO DEL SUR, Bap Nograles PetelDAVAO DEL SUR, Bap Nograles Petel This University of Southeastern Philippines graduate is very underrated. He has a pretty impressive background as a host, singer and theater actor, plus he is also into modeling in Mindanao. His downfall at the moment is his not-so-pageant-ready body. But if he gets to improve his physiue I can see him as a good representative for the country in an international pageant.

STA. CRUZ, MANILA, Nicko Dela CruzSTA. CRUZ, MANILA, Nicko Dela Cruz This Multimedia Arts graduate from De La Salle College of Saint Benilde believes pageants are a way “to boost self-esteem [and] develop one’s persionality.” And it seems that his experience in other pageants as well as in the recent Philippine Fashion Week has helped a lot in honing him both as a model and a pageant guy. His best asset for me is his manly face accentuated by his jawline. He has very strong presence, too. Watch out because this guy could win it all.

TONDO, MANILA, Neil PerezTONDO, MANILA, Neil Perez The moment I was informed (by his trainer) that Neil will be joining the pageant, I knew he will be the most talked about candidate. A cop joining a pageant is a man-bites-dog kind of story that the media will surely feast on. Neil has an interesting background, a very masculine face and a good body. All he needs to focus on is his people and communication skills because he appears timid and shy during interviews.

USA, Judah CohenUSA, Judah Cohen Another candidate with the boy-next-door looks is Judah, who was born and raised in Connecticut, USA. He finished financial management at the University of San Carlos in Cebu and now works as a forex market analyst. This 6’3″ tall guy first joined the Mossimo Bikini Summit in 2011. Looking forward to see his body now because he is an obvious contender.

The finals will be held on September 7 at the University of Makati Grand Theater. Know more about them by checking out their individual profiles here.

Misters of the Philippines 2014: Meet the candidates

After months of searching, the list of the country’s most gorgeous men is now down to only 26.

Meet the Misters of the Philippines 2014 candidates who will battle it out for the four titles at stake—Mister International Philippines, Mister Model International Philippines, Mister Tourism International Philippines, and Mister Global Philippines.

“This is the first time that a national pageant for men in the Philippines will select multiple winners. Hopefully we can replicate what we did last year, project director Carlo Morris Galang said in a press statement. Prime Events Productions Philippines Foundation Inc., the group behind Mister International Philippines 2013 and Manhunt International Philippines 2013, has decided to change the name “to make [it] the biggest pageant for men in the country”.

The finals will be held on September 7 at the University of Makati Grand Theater. Former Miss Philippines Earth titleholder Angelee Claudette delos Reyes and actor Carlos Agassi will host the event.

Know more about them by checking out their individual profiles herePhotos from the Misters of the Philippines website