Kylie Verzosa is Miss International 2016

Kylie Verzosa bagged the Philippines 6th Miss International crown, during the finals held October 27 in Tokyo, Japan.

During the all-important speech round, 24-year-old Verzosa said she is ready to take on the responsibilities of being a titleholder.

“Three things come to mind when I think of Miss International – culture, education and international understanding. These three work together to make the brand of the Miss International Beauty Pageant relevant to the global community and to our time. If I become Miss International 2016, I will devote myself to cultural understanding because I believe that it is with developing in each of us sensitivity to other cultures that we expand our horizons, tolerate difference, and appreciate diversity. All these enable us to achieve international understanding. And I believe I’m prepared to take on this responsibility,” she said.

In an exclusive backstage interview with Missosology right after the pageant, Verzosa thanked all her supported. ” I can not believe it. I’m so happy!”

Asked for her message to Madame Stella Marquez Araneta, Bb Pilipinas chairman and the first Miss International winner from Colombia, Verzosa said: “Do you like my crown?”

Miss Australia Alexandra Britton was named first runner-up. Miss Indonesia Felicia Hwang placed second runner-up and was awarded Best Dresser. Miss Nicaragua Brianny Chamorro was third runner-up and Best in National Costume, while Miss USA Kaityrana Leinbach, placed fourth runner-up.

The Top 5 of Miss International 2016

The rest of the 15 semifinalists were Miss Argentina Yoana Don, Miss Canada Amber Bernachi, Miss Dominican Republic Cynthia Núñez, Miss El Salvador Elizabeth Cader, Miss Finland Emilia Seppänen, Miss Japan Jyunna Yamagata, Miss Mexico Geraldine Ponce, Miss Poland Magdalena Bieñkowska, Miss Russia Alisa Manenok and Miss Thailand Pattiya Pongthai. PageantFocus

Miss International 2016: Fearless predictions


This year’s Miss International Beauty Pageant has made a big step toward re-establishing its relevance in this day and age where pageant importance is characterized by popularity and commercialism.

While new pageants were busy luring fans to like their favorite costumes and swipe their credit cards to vote for their favorites, Miss International engaged its candidates in a healthy forum aimed at discussiing the importance of women in today’s society. It also fortified its stronghold of its cultural roots by bringing its candidates to Ikebana and traditional Japanese classes as well as visiting heritage sites. The presence of the 69 candidates sends a message across that despite having diverse cultures, we can all achieve “world peace through mutual understanding”.

As the first of the Big 5 beauty pageants come to a close today, it’s time to pick the best girls who could champion the pageant’s advocacies. Here are my 15 choices for Miss International 2016.


15 Puerto Rico | Gabriela Berríos
This 25-year-old model has improved a lot since her Miss Universe stint, where she failed to make the semis but bagged Miss Photogenic. Gabriela sweet demeanor and friendly personality are more visible in Japan. She’s also one of the most experienced in the batch so expect her to bring her A-game in the finals.

14 Japan | Junna Yamagata
The host country is fielding a 22-year-old student at this year’s competition and it won’t be a surprise if she makes the cut. Setting aside the homecourt advantage, Junna is relatively prettier compared to her predecessors. She also has the regal bearing fit for a queen.

13 Nicaragua | Brianny Chamorro
A winsome smile that could light up a dark room is this 22-year-old sales director’s best asset. Brianny is also fluent in the English language, which could work well in case she advances in the speech round. She also has one of the most intricate national costumes!

12 Hong Kong | Kelly Yeuk Lam Chan
The moment Kelly landed in Japan, she has already sealed a spot in the semis. This 21-year-old student and model is among the most consistent ladies in the competition. Always in a good mood with a beautiful smile, she could easily warm anybody’s heart.

11 Colombia | Yudi Daniela Herrera Avendaño
This 21-year-old student is probably the most underrated Latina in the competition. Daniela’s distinct beauty and good body definitely deserves recognition. She is always elegant, which is a mark of a Miss International winner.


10 UK | Romy Simpkins
Another underrated beauty in the pageant is the lovely Romy. While she may not be a popular choice, she’s definitely one of the most active on social media. Aside from that, she is also a good communicator.

New Zealand | Jessica Tyson
One of the girls who are gaining ground as the pageant comes to a close is the 23-year-old Jessica. This beauty with brains works as a journalist, so don’t be surprised if she nails the speech round and pulls off an upset come finals.

8 Venezuela | Jessica Duarte
A back-to-back has never happened in Miss International history and it is an enormous task that the 24-year-old Jessica is facing. It is not impossible, especially if you come from a powerhouse country; however, she needs to double the effort as she appears timid at times. This serene, unassuming beauty is a dentist by profession.

7 Ghana | Cindy Kofie
The first from her country to compete in Miss International, hopes are high that this 19-year-old student will make it to the Top 5. Who wouldn’t love her energetic and youthful personality? The possibilities are endless for this gorgeous girl!

6 Mexico | Maria Geraldine Ponce Mendez
If the Miss International pageant night started on the first day of arrival, Geraldine would have won the race. This 22-year-old student is one of the most prepared delegates, and is definitely ready to keep the placement streak going for her country in Miss International.


5 Finland | Emilia Seppänen
This 22-year-old model is always well-dressed, her styling on point and she behaves like a true queen. While her communication skills is not that outstanding, a doll-like beauty like her is Miss International’s cup of tea. She could pull off a big surprise come finale.

4 Peru | Danea Juanita Panta Vargas
Insider reports say Danea is well-loved by the Miss International organization. Who wouldn’t? She has one of the best bodies in the competition, plus a strikingly beautiful face and expressive eyes. This 26-year-old experienced model seemed to be fading into the background at first, but is now slowly, but surely making her way to the top.

3 Philippines | Kylie Verzosa
22-year-old Kylie is an easy standout: she’s fresh, bubbly and is a good speaker, too. However, Kylie seems to have reached a saturation point in the middle of the pre-pageant activities. Some say she’s fortunate to be competing in a relatively weak batch (had she competed last year she would easily be overshadowed by Edymar Martinez and Jennifer Valle). But the real battle begins when Kylie hits the stage because she is a total performer!

2 Poland | Magdalena Bieńkowska
Magdalena has the girl-next-door look and a sexy body. Her serene beauty is a breath of fresh air. She exudes so much sophistication that translates into performance. She is a sweetheart and basically has the qualities of a good ambassador of goodwill. Though not the best speaker, she can compose her thoughts instantly. This 23-year-old student’s doll-like features for sure will bring Poland back to pageantry world’s map.

1 Indonesia | Felicia Hwang
Felicia neither have the most beautiful face nor the sexiest body. She isn’t the most fluent in English. She isn’t the tallest. But this a 24-year-old model and entrepreneur has the humility and determination which are qualities of a true queen. She has improved a lot since her Puteri Indonesia days. She always appears well-dressed, styling always on point. Hate her all you want, but you can’t deny she is a major force to reckon with in the competition. Indonesia just won their first international crown yesterday, and they might just win their first Big5 pageant title today. Haraya

Maxine Medina is Miss Universe Philippines 2016

Maxine Medina was crowned Miss Universe Philippines 2016 during the finals night held Sunday, April 17 at the Smart Araneta Coliseum.

The 25-year-old professional model and interior designer will be gunning for a back-to-back win at the 2016 Miss Universe pageant. Medina also bagged the Miss Philippine Airlines special award.

Medina first joined Bb Pilipinas in 2012 but had to back out due to an existing endorsement contract.


During the Q&A round, she was asked what advice she will give a 15-year-old girl who wants to quit school despite being able to afford it.

She answered: “I would tell the little girl to study hard no matter what their parents would tell them because having an education is something that cannot have that anybody else (sic). Education can make you even a better person. Thank you.


Kylie Verzosa was crowned Bb Pilipinas International 2016 and will compete at the 2016 Miss International pageant in Tokyo in October. Verzosa also won the Miss Photogenic, Miss Manila Bulletin and the JAG She’s Got the Look award.


Joanna Eden, who was awarded Best in Swimsuit, bagged the Bb Pilipinas Supranational 2016 crown and will represent the country at the Miss Supranational pageant.

The rest of the winners were: Bb Pilipinas Intercontinental 2016 Jennifer Hammond, Bb Pilipinas Grand International 2016 Nicole Cordoves and Bb Pilipinas Globe 2016 Nichole Manalo. Angelica Alita and Jehza Mae Huelar finished first and second runners-up, respectively.

Hammond won Best in Evening Gown while Manalo was named Miss Creamsilk. Other winners of special awards were: Angela Lauren Fernando (Best in National Costume), and Vina Openiano (Best in Talent and Miss Friendship).


The rest of the 15 semifinalists were: Openiano, Riana Agatha Pangindian, Apriel Smith, Tobias, Kimberle Mae Penchon, Dindi Joy Pajares and Edjelyn Joy Gamboa.


Bb Pilipinas 2015: Top 10 girls at the press presentation

One of the highly anticipated events in Bb Pilipinas is the press presentation. This gives pageant observers a glimpse of the candidates’ catwalk skills, stage presence and overall impact. Here is where you get to classify who the frontrunners are from the rest of the batch.

This year, the girls slayed the runway in their red bikinis last February 19 at the Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila. From 34 candidates, here are the 10 candidates that stood out.

3210: Danita Joan Ruazol (Binibini 32)
Danita was channeling Ariella Arida with her straight silky black hair and shoulder movements during the swimsuit presentation. This girl from Cavinti, Laguna is underrated, but her surprisingly good pasarela skillls could work to her advantage.

2909: Nancy Lee Leonard (Binibini 29)
Nancy’s stage presence is commendable and she definitely commands attention. However, there are times that she tends to overdo her turns and poses. Her hairstyle was a mess, but that winsome smile saved her styling. Her overall look has improved compared to her Miss Philippines Earth stint.

3008: Patricia Lae Ejercitado (Binibini 30)
Patricia is now on her third and final attempt at clinching the crown and she’s not leaving any stone unturned. And her press presentation performance just proved she is a pro. Fierce, snappy and remarkable!

1207: Kylie Verzosa (Binibini 12)
No wonder Kylie was among Cosmopolitan Philippines’ 8 sexiest models for 2013. She had the right amount of sweetness and sexiness in her presentation. Also, she doesn’t need to put too much make-up on. Her natural beauty just shines through.

2406: Ann Lorraine Colis (Binibini 24)
Mix Nina Ricci Alagao and Bianca Manalo and you get Ann Lorraine. She might be a newbie in Bb Pilipinas, but this girl is getting much attention for her serene beauty. Her performance also didn’t rely on exagerrated moves. She was elegance personified.

2805: Hannah Ruth Sison (Binibini 28)
Hannah’s performance during the press presentation is probably the best I’ve seen from her since her Bb Pilipinas 2013 stint. She was snappy but graceful, and her overall styling was very queenly.

1004: Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach (Binibini 10)
Compared to her first two attempts, Pia looks more relaxed now. In a sea of fierce performances, Pia’s soft but elegant presentation worked to her advantage. While she needs to shed a few more pounds to bring back her 2013 figure, you just couldn’t ignore that strong, beautiful face.

1903: Christi Lynn McGarry (Binibini 19)
Definitely someone to watch out for as the pageant progresses is the tall and beautiful Christi. Her svelte look and polished walk, plus the ponytail make her a standout. In case you need a refresher, Christi joined Mutya ng Pilipinas in 2010 and was sent to the Miss Intercontinental where she placed in the Top 15. That speaks a lot about this girl’s global appeal.

3402: Teresita Ssen Marquez (Binibini 34)
Wynwyn proved she is more than just a celebrity daughter. Her performance was one of the most memorable, despite the fact that she is among the shortest in the group (she’s 5’5″). Those snappy turns and the way she threw that sarong made a strong impact. The styling was perfect, too, highlighting her exotic look.

1101: Janicel Lubina (Binibini 11)
There is no surprise why Janicel is one of the most anticipated candidates in this year’s edition. While she is the youngest in the batch, this girl definitely delivers on stage. Her well-proportioned body was a sight to behold, and those hip movements definitely screams Miss Universe! Her humble background makes her relatable, too.

This was first published in Missosology.Org.