Bb Pilipinas 2014: Head shots on exhibit at the Gateway Mall

Wondering where the official head shots of Binibining Pilipinas 2014 are? They are on exhibit at the Gateway Mall ground floor.

Since not all of these photos are available online, I took the chance yesterday to take a picture of all of the panels. Who do you think has the best face among them all?






















Bb Pilipinas 2014: New videos

These are the Binibining Pilipinas 2014 video plugs that have been airing in ABS-CBN during commercial breaks.

Who are the most telegenic for you? Who’s the most beautiful? Watch them all here.

Binibini 1-10

Binibini 11-20

Binibini 21-30

Binibini 31-40

Bb Pilipinas 2014: Top 15 Catwalk Divas

In 2010 Venus Raj’s pilapil (rice paddies) walk rocked the Miss Universe stage. A year after, Shamcey Supsup made big waves with her tsunami walk. A year after that, Janine Tugonon placed 1st runner-up in the pageant with her deadly cobra walk. And just last year, the salagubang walk took Belarus by storm as Mutya Johanna Datul won for the Philippines the Miss Supranational crown. These are some of the living proofs that a polished and distinct pasarela could make-or-break a girl’s chances in beauty pageants.

After months — and even years to some — of duck walks, catwalk trainings and modelling sessions, the Binibining Pilipinas 2014 40 official candidates finally hit the Big Dome stage for the annual Fashion Show, clad in JAG’s summer collection.

It was a fierce event, and I was fortunate enough to have witnessed it in person. And after all the walks, turns and sultry poses, here are my list of this year’s Bb Pilipinas catwalk divas. (Photos from Bb Pilipinas)

01 | Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach 02 |  03 |  04 |  05 |
01 | Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach
02 | Mary Jean Lastimosa
03 | Emma Mary Tiglao
04 | Joy Marie Gangan
05 | Julian Aurine Flores
01 | Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach 02 |  03 |  04 |  05 |
06 |  Parul Shah
07 | Angelique Celine de Leon
08 | Ellore Noelle Punzalan
09 | Yvethe Marie Santiago
10 | Aiza Faeldonia
01 | Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach 02 |  03 |  04 |  05 |
11 | Mary Ainjely Manalo
12 | Ladylyn Riva
13 | Hannah Ruth Sison
14 | Kimverlyn Suiza
15 | Zahara Mae Soriano

See it for yourselves here (video by Missosology):

Bb Pilipinas 2014: The repeaters

Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time. 
– Thomas A. Edison

FORTUNATE are those who won a crown the very first time they joined Binibining Pilipinas But for some, chasing the crown needs a second, and even third, attempt.

Aside from the former Bb Pilipinas runners-up (Mary Jean Lastimosa and Pia Wurtzbach), there are five other former Binibinis who have come back to claim what they believe is rightfully theirs. Let’s meet them.

AREVALO. Semi-finalist, 2009 and 2011
AREVALO. Finalist, 2009 and 2011

During her first two attempts in 2009 and 2011, Diana Arevalo was always in the favorites list, but always ended up as a finalist. She took a break from pageants and worked as a welcome ambassadress in Macau, until she finally decided to give Bb Pilipinas a third (and possibly, final) try. Will lady luck be on this Mindoro native’s side this time?

Ladylyn Riva
RIVA. Unplaced, 2011

After failing to make the cut in 2011, Ladyln Riva tried out in other local pageants. She was 1st runner-up in Miss Resorts World and won Miss Casino Filipino. Now armed with more pageant experience, this Aklan native is determined to finally land in the Bb Pilipinas top five.

Parul Shah
SHAH. Top 15 finalist, 2013

Half-Indian Parul Shah was born and raised in Dubai. A nursing graduate from the University of the Cordilleras, this 25-year-old lady debuted in Bb Pilipinas last year, where she placed in the Top 15.

PUNZALAN. Top 15 finalist, 2013
PUNZALAN. Top 15 finalist, 2013

Ellore Noelle Punzalan suprisingly made it to the Top 15 last year. Will this medicine student, who boasts of a well-shaped body and great presentation skills, finally figure in the top 5?

SISON. Unplaced, 2013
SISON. Unplaced, 2013

Hannah Ruth Sison was luckless in her first attempt. She was among the favorites last year and also the most applauded during the finals, but she failed to make the cut. A former college instructor, Hannah makes a living doing freelance multimedia art.

Bb Pilipinas 2014: Top 15 Best in National Costume

I WAS fortunate enough to witness the Bb Pilipinas 2014 National Costume Competition, which was part of the annual Fashion Show held last night at the Big Dome. As we all wait for the announcement of the Best in National Costume, let me play judge and enumerate the best girls and National Costumes for me.

Here are my considerations for choosing these girls. First, the costume must strongly reflect Philippine culture. Second, how the girl presented and carried her costume. I’m really not into the flamboyant, over-the-top designs. As long as each detail shows coherence to the costume’s theme and that the girl was able to give justice to the costume through a solid presentation, then that is enough to say it is a good national costume. (Photos from OPMB)

15 | Racquel Kabigting1888577_591574467597257_126028032_n

14 | Shauna Indra Curran1240580_591574264263944_2071499938_n

13 | Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach1977122_591574210930616_523444305_n

12 | Kris Tiffany Janson

11 | Laura Victoria Lehmann

10 | Diana Arevalo

09 | Mary Jean Lastimosa

08 | Vanessa Saliba


07 | Yvethe Marie Santiago


06 | Angelique Celine de Leon

05 | Mary Ainjely Manalo

04 | Joy Marie Gangan

03 | Kimverlyn Suiza

02 | Ladylyn Riva

01 | Parul Shah


If you don’t see your favorites here, they must be on my BIZZARE costumes list, to be published soon.

Happy weekend everyone! 🙂

Who are they wearing? Sneak peek at the Bb Pilipinas 2014 national costume competition

Can’t wait for tomorrow’s “fashion extravaganza”?

Here’s a preview of some of the Bb Pilipinas 2014 candidates’ cultural costumes that they will be showcasing at tomorrow’s National Costume competition. It is part of the annual Fashion Show to be held at the Smart Araneta Coliseum.

Mary Anne Bianca Guidotti will be wearing a red Eric Delos Santos terno, as confirmed by the designer on his Instagram account.

Mary Ainjely Manalo will wear a white terno with a modern touch by Jaz Cerezo.

Ladylyn Riva will showcase a Cherry S Veric creation.

Parul Shah’s Muslim-inspired costume was made by Edwin Uy.

Racquel Kabigting‘s costume is designed by Chico Estiva.
Kris Tiffany Janson will be donning a Cary Santiago creation.

Watch Mario Dumaual’s TV Patrol report on the Fashion Show preparations here:

An encounter with Bb Pilipinas 2014 candidates

Never miss the chance of seeing the Binibining Pilipinas 2014 candidates in the flesh. Photos and videos could be deceiving because when I got the chance to see them the second time around, I learned to appreciate their beauty even more.

I arrived past 2pm last Saturday and the girls were already inside the DFA satellite office in AliMall. After a few minutes, they stepped out of the office and proceeded to Barrio Fiesta. But before they even reached the restaurant, they received loud cheers from fans who painstakingly waited for them outside the DFA office.


While the girls were munching on their merienda, the fans again waited for them for more than an hour. While passing time, I got to chat with some die-hard pageant fans. One of them is Mr Mike Herrera who came from the province just to have his photos signed by the girls. When it was finally time to say goodbye to the girls, the fans which had grown in number by this time, gathered outside Barrio Fiesta in hopes of seeing their favorite delegates.

Who stood out?
Vessica Sambo
‘s exoctic-morena beauty really caught my eye. But aside from her, the glowing aura of Diana ArevaloYvethe Marie Santiago and Mary Anne Bianca Guidotti also caught my attention. This is the closest I ever got to the girls and I got to say there were new girls that impressed me with their stunning beauties this time around.


Kris Tiffany Janson is one of them. I now agree that she is a real charmer, though a bit shy. Joy Gangan, who made a mark with her fluid performance during the press presentation, also impressed me. Ladylyn Riva is also a living doll in person! Mary Jean Lastimosa got the loudest of cheers with some of her fans even bringing banners with her Binibini number on them.

While it is a contest and that the girls are being judged primarily on their physical appearance, it is interesting to note the positive message that one cheerful pageant fan said loudly while the girls are moving away: “Tandaan ninyo: lahat kayo magaganda!”

The crowd outside Barrio Fiesta. The fans went home happy after seeing the girls.
The crowd outside Barrio Fiesta. The fans went home happy after seeing the girls.

Bb Pilipinas 2014: Binibini 31 to 40

Binibini #31 Angelique Celine L. De Leon; Binibini #32 Jeslyn Santos; Binibini #33 Gabrielle Erika Tilokani; Binibini #34 Leonalyn D. Dela Cruz; Binibini #35 Yvethe Marie A. Santiago

The Bb Pilipinas Charities Inc has finally confirmed the official numbering of this year’s candidates by posting these photos of the girls wearing their official numbers. From now on, they will be wearing the number on every activity until the finals on March 30.

Feast your eyes on these ladies (LAST PART):

Binibini #31 Angelique Celine L. De Leon; Binibini #32 Jeslyn Santos; Binibini #33 Gabrielle Erika Tilokani; Binibini #34 Leonalyn D. Dela Cruz; Binibini #35 Yvethe Marie A. Santiago

Binibini #31 Angelique Celine L. De Leon
Binibini #32 Jeslyn Santos
Binibini #33 Gabrielle Erika Tilokani
Binibini #34 Leonalyn D. Dela Cruz
Binibini #35 Yvethe Marie A. Santiago

Binibini #36 Krystal Alonday; Binibini #37 Vanessa N. Saliba; Binibini #38 Janine A. Asanion; Binibini #39 Ladylyn Riva; Binibini #40 Vessica L. Sambo

Binibini #36 Krystal Alonday
Binibini #37 Vanessa N. Saliba
Binibini #38 Janine A. Asanion
Binibini #39 Ladylyn Riva
Binibini #40 Vessica L. Sambo