Asians dominate Miss Supranational, Miss Intercontinental pageants

Asian victories in Europe: Thailand in Miss Intercontinental and India in Miss Supranational (Photos: Missosology)

Thailand’s Patraporn Wang won the Miss Intercontinental title last December 4 in Madgeburg, Germany, while India’s Asha Baht was crowned Miss Supranational the following day in Warsaw, Poland. This marks the first time that the two countries won in their respective international pageants.

The Philippines’ representatives in both pageants didn’t go home empty-handed. Kris Tiffany Janson placed 2nd runner-up to Wang in Miss Intercontinental 2014. She was also named Miss Photogenic and Miss Intercontinental Asia and Oceania. Meanwhile, Yvethe Marie Santiago was the last girl to be called in the Top 20 of Miss Supranational 2014. She didn’t make it to the Top 10.

The continental queens which composed the Miss Intercontinental 2014 Top 5 finalists were Argentina’s Nadina Vallina (South America), Cuba’s Jeslie Mergal (North America), South Africa’s Donique Leonard (Africa), Portugal’s Joana Martins (Europe) and Philippines’ Kris Tiffany Janson (Asia and Oceania). After a few minutes, it was announced that instead of a Top 5, there will be a Top 6 because Wang’s scores were tied with Miss Philippines.

Miss Intercontinental Top 3 from the Philippines, Thailand and  (Photo: Missosology)
Miss Intercontinental Top 3 from the Philippines, Thailand and (Photo: Missosology)

The Thai beauty queens’ victory came as a shock after she had a hard time answering the final question given to her. many pageant fans thought the crown was between Cuba and the Philippines.

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In the end, Miss Cuba and Miss Philippines placd 1st and 2nd runners-up, respectively.

The rest of the Top 16 finalists were: Puerto Rico (Keysi Marie Vargas), Canada (Delaney Holley), Ecuador (Ena Cordova), Brazil (Janayna Figueiredo), Myanmar (Angel Lamung), Mauritius (Nathalie Lesage), Nigeria (Judith Okafor), Poland (Magdalena Michalak), Turkey (Özge Güneş), and England (Laura Gregory).

Asians were the big winners in Miss Supranational with Miss India winning the crown and Thailand’s Parapadsorn Disdamrong placing 1st runenr-up. Gabon’s Maggaly Nguema was second runner-up, USA’s Allyn Rose was third runner-up and the host delegate Poland’s Katarzyna Krzeszowska was fourth runner-up.

Miss Supranational Top 5:  USA, Poland, Gabon, India and Thailand
Miss Supranational Top 5: USA, Poland, Gabon, India and Thailand (Photo: Missosology)

Completing the Top 10 were: Myanmar (Han Thi), Czech Republic (Jana Zapletalova), Puerto Rico (Barbara Marrero), Spain (Celia Vallespir Garcia) and Colombia (Marlyn Mora).

The rest of the finalists were: Romania (Elena Zama), Canada (Gabriela Clesca), Belarus (Kristina Martsinkevich), Switzerland (Mylene Clavien), Sweden (Ida Ovmar), Trinidad and Tobago (Tinnitia Griffith), Australia (Yvonne Amores), Chile (Charlotte Molina), Argentina (Marisol Arrillaga) and Philippines (Yvethe Avisado Santiago).

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New crown at stake: Bb Pilipinas-Intercontinental

A new title at stake: Bb Pilipinas-Intercontinental. Photo from Rappler
A new title at stake: Bb Pilipinas-Intercontinental. Photo from Rappler

A report by entertainment columnist Ricky Lo has put an end to rumours that the Binibining Pilipinas has acquired the franchise for a Europe-based pageant.

The 40 official candidates for this year have a new title to compete to, Bb Pilipinas-Intercontinental, aside from the four other titles: Miss Universe Philippines, Bb Pilipinas-International, Bb Pilipinas-Tourism and Miss Supranational Philippines.

The winner of the new title will head on to compete in the 43rd edition of the Miss Intercontinenal pageant run by the World Beauty Organization.

In previous years, the Mutya ng Pilipinas organization has been sending our delegates to the pageant. Most recent is Koreen Medina, who finished 3rd runner-up and was named Continental Queen of Asia & Oceania.

The Bb Pilipinas 2014 coronation night will be held on March 30 at the Smart Araneta Coliseum, with Miss Universe 2013 Gabriela Isler of Venezuela as special guest.

Logos of Bb Pilipinas and Miss Intercontinental pageants
Logos of Bb Pilipinas and Miss Intercontinental pageants


Beauty Pageant 101: The other beauty pageants

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Himangini Singh Yadu of India (Miss Asia Pacific World 2012), Daniela Chalbaud of Venezuela (Miss Intercontinental 2012), Ekaterina Buraya of Belarus (Miss Supranational 2012), Rizzini Alexis Gomez of the Philippines (Miss Tourism International 2012), and Kantapat Peeradachainarin of Thailand (Miss Tourism Queen International 2011)
Himangini Singh Yadu of India (Miss Asia Pacific World 2012), Daniela Chalbaud of Venezuela (Miss Intercontinental 2012), Ekaterina Buraya of Belarus (Miss Supranational 2012), Rizzini Alexis Gomez of the Philippines (Miss Tourism International 2012), and Kantapat Peeradachainarin of Thailand (Miss Tourism Queen International 2011)

THERE are the premier beauty pageants — Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss International and Miss Earth — and there are those that are newer, younger, even considered to be smaller.

These “smaller” pageants nonetheless celebrate beauty and unity among nations. They may be less popular, but they also matter.

Miss Tourism International: The New Year’s Eve pageant

Miss Tourism International was inaugurated in 1994 in Malaysia in a bid to promote the country’s tourism industry. The pageant is organized by D’ Touch International Sdn Bhd.

The reigning queen is Cebuana beauty Rizzini Alexis Gomez of the Philippines.

Who’s wearing the Philippine sash? Eyeing a back-to-back feat for the country with this year’s pageant is another Cebuana: Angeli Dione Gomez. The recently-crowned Mutya ng Pilipinas Tourism is a film graduate from Toledo, Cebu. She also joined this year’s Bb Pilipinas pageant.

Angeli Dione Gomez
Angeli Dione Gomez

Angeli was also named Reyna ng Aliwan 2012 and Miss Resorts World Manila 2012 4th runner-up.

Hall of Fame The Philippines has won the Miss Tourism International crown twice: first in 2000 with Maria Esperanza Manzano, and second in 2012 with Gomez.

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Miss Tourism Queen International: Enhancing tourism development

Run by Singapore-based Exclusive Resources Marketing Pte Ltd, Miss Tourism Queen International (TQI) aims to enhance tourism development, friendship and international culture exchange among participating nations. The TQI Organization held its first world final competition in Sri Lanka in 1993. The pageant has been held in China since 2004.

In 2012, the pageant was set for December 11 to 29 in China but was cancelled for undisclosed reasons. There is no word yet on when and where this year’s pageant will take place.

The reigning queen is Kantapat Peeradachainarin of Thailand who won the title in 2011.

Who’s wearing the Philippine sash? Joanna Cindy Miranda gave up her hosting stint at TV5’s “Wil Time, Big Time” to chase her dream of becoming a beauty queen. Her sacrifice paid off, as she was crowned Bb Pilipinas-Tourism last April. With her doll-like beauty and healthy figure, this 23-year-old Tourism cum laude graduate won’t have a hard time getting noticed in any international pageant.

Joanna CIndy Miranda
Joanna CIndy Miranda

“Even though I didn’t win Bb. Pilipinas-Universe, the pressure is still very high. Pinays are known in the pageant industry and the people’s expectations of the Philippines are really high,” she said in an interview with the Varsitarian, UST’s official publication.

Hall of Fame Justine Gabionza won the Philippines’s Miss TQI crown in 2006.

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Miss Asia Pacific World: Super talent endeavor

Run by Elite Asia Pacific Word Group, Miss Asia Pacific World is a beauty pageant, talent competition and supermodel search rolled into one. The contest, which started in 2011, works toward making its winner “a global star.”

Winners of this infant pageant spend months in Korea for talent management training. The reigning queen is Himangini Singh Yadu of India. The 2013 pageant will take place in Seoul, South Korea on October 30.

Who’s wearing the Philippine sash? Mary Joy Siazon, 21, from Northern Luzon will represent the country. Standing 5 feet 8 inches, Mary Joy represented the Philippines in Miss Yacht Model International in 2012.

Mary Joy Siazon
Mary Joy Siazon

Hall of Fame Philippines’ Next Top Model Cycle 1 winner Grendel Alvarado made it to the top 15 in 2012 and was named Best in Evening Gown.

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Miss Intercontinental: Glorious beauty of diversity

An annual contest run by the Panama-based World Beauty Organization, Miss Intercontinental began as a local teen pageant in 1971 to promote tourism in Aruba. It is dubbed “the UN of glamour and beauty.”

Daniela Chalbaud of Venezuela will crown her successor in Cairo, Egypt in November.

Who’s wearing the Philippine sash? The Philippines has yet to win its first Miss Intercontinental crown. Up for the challenge is 18-year-old Koreen Medina, who was crowned Mutya ng Pilipinas-Asia Pacific International last July 26. Her win did not come as a surprise since she had won various sponsor awards prior to the finals.

Koreen Medina
Koreen Medina

Koreen joined “Pilipinas Got Talent Season 2” and was named grand winner of the Coca-Cola Music Talent Search Finals in 2011. She was also the grand winner of “My Girl,” the beauty pageant segment of the defunct ABS-CBN show, “Happy Yipee Yehey.”

Hall of Fame The highest placement the country has ever achieved is Maria Sovietskaya Bacud’s 2nd runner-up finish in 1995.

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Miss Supranational: Uniting the world through beauty

Miss Supranational is a 5-year-old pageant run by the World Beauty Association. True to its name, the pageant aims to transcend borders by uniting the world through beauty. This year’s pageant will be held on September 6 in Minsk, Belarus, the home country of the reigning queen, Ekaterina Buraya.

Voting for Miss Supranational Internet started on Friday, August 9. The winner will automatically get a spot in the Top 20. Visit this page for more details:

Who’s wearing the Philippine sash? At the Bb Pilipinas 2013 coronation night, Mutya Johanna Datul sashayed with grace and elegance in her glittering long gown, en route to bagging the Best in Evening Gown prize. From that moment, she was destined to win the crown, until she answered her final question.

Mutya Johanna Datul
Mutya Johanna Datul

This was expected, though, because she had been vilified online for weeks prior to the finals for her English-speaking skills. Nevertheless, her dream to become a beauty queen still came true: she was named Bb Pilipinas-Supranational. It was the right decision to send her to Miss Supranational since there is no Q and A segment there.

In one of her interviews, Mutya said she is working on improving her communication skills and that she is determined to bring home the crown. This girl is among the top favorites by pageant fans to win the crown, alongside Brazil’s Racquel Benetti and Puerto Rico’s Desiree del Rio.

Other Pinays in the pageant Mutya, for sure, won’t have a hard time adjusting in Belarus as she will be joined by two more Filipinas in the pageant.

Marie Molo Peter and Suzette Hernandez, both Bb Pilipinas alumni, will be representing Norway and Canada respectively in this year’s Miss Supranational pageant.

Marie placed 2nd runner-up in this year’s Miss Norway Universe pageant. This 22-year-old competed in Bb Pilipinas 2012 and in Miss Humanity International in Barbados. Today, she is among Miss Universe Norway Organization’s show walk instructors in the training courses for fresh candidates.

Vancouver-based Suzette is no stranger to pageants. She was first runner-up in Mutya ng Pilipinas 2010, a Bb Pilipinas 2011 candidate and Miss Universe Canada (MUC) 2012 Top 12 finalist. Aside from that, this 26-year-old is an experienced ramp model and an avid traveler. In her profile page for MUC, Suzette says she “believes that anything is possible through hard work, perseverance and determination.”

Hall of Fame The Philippines’ highest placement so far was Elaine Kay Moll’s 3rd runner-up finish in 2012.

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