#MrWorld2016: Fearless prediction

I have a good record at predicting Mr World winners. Although I started only in 2012, I managed to correctly predict the victories of Francisco Escobar of Colombia in 2012 and Nicklas Pedersen of Denmark in 2014. Let’s see if I’ll make it three-in-a-row this year.

So a few hours before the new Mr World is sashed, let me present my fearless predictions:

15. GREECE – Iraklis Kozas
“Mr World is a lifetime experience which can push my career to a higher level, if I win!
Iraklis, 26, works in fashion, appearing at shows and magazines across the world. He studied Economics at the University of Macedonia before moving to Serres. CrossFit, football, swimming and track & field keep Iraklis in peak physical condition, who also hopes to break out into the world of acting; Hollywood is his dream.

14. PUERTO RICO – Fernando Alvarez
“I would love to work with education in countries that don’t have resources to give schools or education to the children and the youth.”
Fernando, 21, is an Accounting student. Accounting is his plan, but acting is his dream and he is chasing both options, with acting lessons complimenting his studies. Staying fit is important to Fernando, who enjoys basketball, volleyball and spending the day at the beach.

13. EL SALVADOR – David Arias
“Welcome to El Salvador, the country of the eternal smile, where it’s people are the most important resource.”
David, 28, is an English teacher. His passion is teaching, and he hopes to initiate his own English language school in El Salvador in the future. Aside from teaching, David is a dancer and likes to hit the gym.

12. GERMANY – Oleg Justus
“I’m proud to represent Germany and I’m thankful for everyone who will be part of my experiences during the Mr World competition!”
Oleg, 28, is all about sports. Currently working as a personal trainer, he also studies at Cologne University, with ambitions of working in the fitness sector of a professional football team in the future. He isn’t just a football fan though, enjoying all kinds of sports and outdoor activities.

11. SPAIN – Ángel Martínez
“Words will touch your heart once they come from it.”
Ángel, 21, is cheerful and charismatic, enjoying a healthy lifestyle. Living in the Mediterranean city of Cartagena, Ángel works as a waiter, but is aiming to break into the fashion industry. Football, cycling, athletics and playing Spanish guitar take up the rest of Ángel’s time. His special talent is beatboxing.

10 PHILIPPINES – Sam Ajdani
“Philippines is a beautiful country with great scenery and amazing people that can make anyone feel right.”
Sam, 26, is a fitness coach and model. Born in Iran, he moved to the Philippines aged 14 and has remained since. Family, fitness and friends are important to Sam, and his aspirations are to start his own business, potentially in the fitness industry. His proudest moment was getting a feature in Men’s Health USA & Philippines.

9 AUSTRIA – Fabian Kitzweger
“I would love to motivate others to live healthy and stay fit. Having an impact on other people’s lives is what makes me really happy.”
Fabian, 23, describes himself as an ambitious, goal orientated and friendly person. A Chemical Engineering student, Fabian also works part time as a personal trainer.

8 POLAND – Rafał Jonkisz
“I do my best workouts listening to electronic music – It gives me a better motivation and more energy to train.”
Rafał, 19,is a professional acrobat, competitive athlete and skilled dancer. His passion is all about moving, which has so far taken him to the quarter finals of Poland’s Got Talent, 4th place on Dancing with the Stars. His plans include building a presence in the world of modelling and continuing his charity work.

7 SCOTLAND – Tristan Cameron Harper
“Good Vibes!”
Tristan, 28, sees life as an adventure. A professional Ice Hockey player, he isn’t shy from a bit of danger, and when not on the ice can be found up mountains in caves or in the wilderness somewhere around the world. His ambition is to become a professional mountaineer, but he is also interested in building sustainable environments, and raising education and awareness wherever he goes.

6 MEXICO – Aldo Esparza
“I entered Mr World to be a better man.”
Aldo, 26, is an accomplished equestrian, and takes part in La Charreada, Mexico’s national sport. Soccer, squash and biking all keep Aldo in shape and he loves to eat tacos. An industrial engineer by trade, his ambition is to be his own boss and start his own company.


5 MALTA – Timmy Puschkin
“Mr World is the most prestigious event that I can enter to help me reach my goals.”
Timmy, 23, comes from a large family living on the island of Malta. A part time model, full time graphic designer, he enjoys work on both sides of the camera, and has aspirations of developing in both worlds. A huge fan of sports, Timmy plays anything from water polo to American football, and keeps in peak condition at the gym.

4 SOUTH AFRICA – Armand Du Plessis
“South Africa, not just physically beautiful, but also a country rich in culture and diversity. I am proud to be an African.”
Armand, 27, hails from Johannesburg, where he is a Candidate Attorney. With two Law degrees, his ambition is to become an advocate, potentially for disenfranchised children. When relaxing, Armand loves to travel, revelling in new lands and new words, whilst giving him a chance to work on his photography.

3 DENMARK – Rasmus Pedersen
“My battle with cancer has been the most challenging and extreme thing I have ever done so far. It has taught me a lot about life. I’ve learned to appreciate every minute.”
Rasmus, 23, describes himself as an outgoing, smiling self-confident person, with a highly competitive mind. Aside from his modelling, Rasmus likes to keep fit, play soccer with his brother and travel. His favourite cuisine is Sushi, which is quite popular in Denmark.

2. India – Rohit Khandelwal
“Mr World is a purpose driven community that believes in empowering the younger generation, like us from diverse backgrounds and cultures to join hands for the sole purpose of serving the mankind.”
Rohit, 26, is an actor and TV personality. Describing himself as a dreamer and believer, he is intent on forging a successful career in front of the camera, but also plans on studying to move behind the camera and make his own films. Aside from his acting, Rohit loves to keep fit, play sports and travel.


1 ENGLAND – Chris Bramell
“Life is a Roller Coaster. You can either scream every time you hit a bump or you can throw your hands up in the air and enjoy every moment, enjoy!”
Host nation representative Chris, 23, is a sportsman. Healthy living is key for Chris; wholesome foods, sunshine and lots of exercise. A sports development graduate, Chris has worked as a community football coach in Everton, and is a competitive footballer, golfer and hurdler. He hopes to inspire others and be a role model for future generations.

Denmark’s Nicklas Pedersen is Mr World 2014!

Mr Denmark wins Mr World 2014!
Mr Denmark wins Mr World 2014!

Nicklas Pedersen of Denmark has been proclaimed “the world’s most desirable man” after besting 45 other candidates to win the Mr World 2014 title on Sunday, June 16th in Torbay, England. (Pageant Focus is proud to say we predicted Denmark’s win! Read here.)

On his Facebook page, the 23-year-old carpenter from Brondby, Copenhagen said: “Never in a millions years would I have thought, that one day I would be crowned as Mr World. I’m literally speechless and can’t believe what just happened. I want to thank all of you for all the love and support. Thank you so much for believing in me and making this dream a reality.”

Pedersen was fast tracked to the Top 10 after winning the Sports Challenge. He also placed third in the Multimedia Challenge. Emmanuel Ikubese of Nigeria, who won the Style Award, finished second, while José Pablo Minor of Mexico placed third.

The Top 3: Mexico, Nigeria and Denmark
The Top 3: Mexico, Nigeria and Denmark

Rounding up the Top 10 are:

  • Curacao – Zuemarik Veeris (Talent Challenge winner)
  • Moldova – Valeriu Gutu (Extreme Challenge winner)
  • Netherlands – Demian Overduijn (Multimedia Challenge winner)
  • Ukraine – Bohdan Yusypchuk
  • England – Jordan Williams
  • Puerto Rico – Alberto Martínez
  • India – Prateik Jain
The Top 10
The Top 10

Watch the winning moment here:

Mister World 2014: My Fearless Predictions

Let’s go straight to the point. As the pageant comes to a close later today, here are my MISTER WORLD 2014 FINAL PICKS.

11-15Australia | Nick Kennett
Nick, 25, is a model, personal trainor and singer-songwriter. He only made it to the Top 15 of the Talent fast track, but with his boy-next-door looks and charming demeanor, he might just pull off a surprise.

Argentina | Jose Ferrer Santillan
This 25-year-old Architecture student works as a personal trainor to send himself to school. He seems to be the toughest of them all in terms of physical appearance, but his profile intro video shows he has a soft side in him.

India | Prateek Jain
Criticised for his looks, it seems that Prateek is going to make them bashers eat their words. He is a major contender in the Multimedia category and has done a good job in the Sports fast track. He was in the Top 24 of the Extreme Challenge, too.

Spain | Jose Ignacio Ros
I was close to removing Nacho off my (alternates) list, but my heart says keep him. He’s one of my early favorites. Although he wasn’t that noticed in the fast tracks, Nacho’s positive aura just shines through. He’s definitely the type of guy I’d like to marry someday.

Ukraine | Bogdan Iusypchuk
The “Charlie Chaplin” of Mr World 2014, 25-year-old Bogdan works as a film and theatre actor. The acting experienced helped him make it to the Top 4 of the Talent finals. He may not be excelling in the face department, but this guy is really adorable.

10mexicoMexico | Jose Pablo Minor
Jose Pablo has a pretty, manly face with a pair of eyes that could mesmerize you in an instant. However, the 23-year-old TV actor has been losing spark as the pageant nears the curtain call. I’m afraid he might have the same fate as his predecessor.

09MaltaMalta | Bjorn Demicoli
This 22-year-old IT student may not be as heavily favored as the others. But with a good body to match his very manly face, he could also pull off a surprise. He has one of the most active FB pages, and I must say this guy surely has an inimitable charm of a winner.

08PeruPeru | Diego Conroy
This 22-year-old International Business student possesses a mystery that is waiting to unfold. His very good physique is perfectly complemented by his very boyish face. The penalty shoot-out winner in the Sports fast track is a dark-horse.

07ItalyItaly | Adamo Pasqualon
Stylish, expensive, classy – these words best describe this 21-year-old model. He might not have figured in top of the other fast tracks, but this guy could definitely win the Style award. He is definitely the face of the competition.

06AustriaAustria | Philipp Knefz
At times, he may look like a kid when side-by-side the rest of the guys but that doesn’t mean Philipp is no strong candidate. He was runner-up in the Extreme Challenge fast track, and was part of the winning team in the tyre race category in the Sports fast track. You wouldn’t believe this 21-year-old civil engineering student used to be a chubby kid five years ago.

05NetherlandsNetherlands | Demian Overduijn
Demian is a Biology student who dreams of having his own wildlife-themed TV show someday. He has what it takes to be a good TV personality – he is telegenic and exudes so much charisma. Also, he owns a very pretty face and a nice body perfect for magazine spreads. Definitely a dashing debonair!

04EnglandEngland | Jordan Willams
Ignore him all you want, but a real contender stands out naturally. This rings true for 26-year-old Jordan. He seemed ignored at first, because he doesn’t have the facial advantage. But as the pageant progressed, he proved his mettle. Being a professional singer brought him to the Talent finals (I’m pretty confident he would win this). He also made it to the Top 10 of the Extreme Challenge. He has already proven his worth, homecourt advantage aside.

03MoldovaMoldova | Valeriu Gutu
Winning the Extreme Challenge has elevated Valeriu’s status from nobody to somebody in the competition. He is now one of the favorites to win. This 22-year-old fashion model and fitness coach is so much prepared for the competition. He could be the one, with his gorgeous face, marketable looks and well-toned body.

02PhilippinesPhilippines | John Spainhour
He might be one of the most popular candidates, but it seems John is playing the “silent killer” approach in the competition. At first he seems timid, yet he managed to rise to the top with his natural charm and modelesque stature. This 27-year-old fashion model and former Marines is peaking at the right time. Who knows, he might be the first from Asia to win the Mr World title.

01DenmarkDenmark | Nicklas Pedersen
My sentimental favorite truly lives up to being the “happiest guy in the world”. Nicklas, 23, seems very friendly, and exudes so much positivism in candids especially when he flashes his winsome smile. He did pretty well in the fast tracks, but his biggest advantage is having good communication skills and an endearing personality. He’s definitely a desirable man!

John Spainhour: From a Marine to Mr World Philippines 2014

Did you know that before John Spainhour, the newly elected Mr World Philippines, joined the modeling industry he was a US Marine scout sniper?

Here’s a photo posted by John on his Instagram account two months ago:

John was assigned to Iraq for five years before he came to Manila in 2011. The year after, he won the Century Tuna Superbods competition making him one of today’s most sought-after models in the country.

In an interview with Cosmopolitan magazine, he said that “the best part about being a Marine is you get to shoot lots of guns. We got to play with lots of toys, and we did it all for free. If you wanted to do that on your own you’d have to buy the amo, a gun, and rent a place to shoot. But in the Marine Corps, it was all provided and your job is to go out and have fun, really. There are also other things about the Marine Corps that wasn’t really so fun, though.”

John on transitioning from being a Marine to being a model: “It was a weird one because I didn’t think modeling was something I’d ever be doing. I definitely had to get used to it. In the Marines we’d be joking around about modeling and we’d laugh about it. But when I started doing it, of course I had to take it seriously. Some of the things I had to do would make me crack up a little bit, but after a while I’d get used to it.”

John is set to fly to London tomorrow, May 30th, for the Mr World 2014 competition.

John Spainhour is Mr World Philippines 2014; Sam Ajdani for 2015

John Spainhour and Sam Ajdani with Miss World Philippines director Cory Quirino. Photo by Missosology
John Spainhour and Sam Ajdani with Miss World Philippines director Cory Quirino. Photo by Missosology

After all the guessing and waiting games, we now have our representative to this year’s Mister World contest in Turbay, English Riviera.

Filipino-American John Spainhour has been chosen to represent the country in the male beauty pageant on June 15th during the final screening and presentation held on May 29th at the Glorietta 5 Atrium. Spainhour, who stands 6’1″, is banking on his military training as a US Marines to earn a spot in the competition. He is set to fly to London tomorrow.

One of the most sought-after models in the country today,  the 26-year-old model is a former US Marine corps scout sniper. He won the 2012 Century Tuna Superbods competition.

John Spainhour during the presentation. Photo from Missosology

“I will now be representing the Philippines in the Mr World comp in London next month. I’m honored to hold this title and will do my best to uphold the responsibilities associated with it,” Spainhour said in his Facebook page. “Thank you to Cory Quirino of Miss World [Philippines] for the encouragement.”

Also in the same event, Filipino-Japanese-Persian model Sam Ajdani was named Mister Philippines World 2015.

Sam Ajdani shows off his chiseled body. Photo by Missosology

Five challenge events (Talent, Sports, Multi-Media, Fashion & Style & the Extreme Challenge) will take place leading up to the Mr World 2014 finals. Winners of these events will secure a spot in the Top 10.





¡Hola! Miss World 2013 Megan Young to visit Colombia in March

Taking a break from Binibining Pilipinas 2014 posts for a short update on Miss World 2013.

Megan Young will be visiting Colombia next month, according to an Instagram post by Mister World 2012 Francisco Escobar.

The Miss World Organization, together with Megan and its matriarch Mrs Julia Morley, will be flying to Colombia to attend the inauguration of Francisco’s organization Camino de Campeones. They will also be attending events for Miss Mundo Colombia pageant.

But prior to this, Megan will be gracing the Miss Russia 2014 coronation night where she will serve as one of the judges alongside world-renowned photographer Fadil Berisha and the reigning Miss Universe Gabriela Isler of Venezuela.

Pageants: It’s a man’s world, too!

This article was first published on Rappler.

THE Philippines may be a powerhouse in the world of female beauty pageants, but the world of male pageants was always its waterloo.

This changed in 2012, when two Filipino male representatives got noticed by the worldwide audience in two male pageants.


June Macasaet, a 29-year-old commercial and ramp model, bested 52 other contestants at the Mister Manhunt International pageant held in Bangkok, Thailand. He was not a heavy favorite during the competition, but June knew how to put on the charm: he behaved well and focused on his goal — to be the first-ever Pinoy to win the Mister Manhunt International title.

June’s determination did him well and made him stand out during the finals. He even bagged the New Urban Male award.

Meanwhile, model and athlete Andrew Wolff finished second at Mister World 2013 in Kent, United Kingdom. His membership in the Philippine Volcanoes since 2007 gave him an advantage in the Sports Fast Track Challenge.

But Andrew stood out even more in the Multimedia Challenge where the candidates were tasked to make a documentary. He won the award “with his energetic and engaging creations on his social media pages. He was deemed to have created the most exciting, informative and inventive news stories.”

Andrew’s Mister World stint allowed us to see the other side of a once-controversial celebrity. Today, he is involved with Tuloy Foundation, an advocacy group that supports marginalized children.

Their wins gave a boost to the male pageant industry in the Philippines, with the launch of Mister International Philippines and a more rigorous search for the next Mister Manhunt Philippines.

Mister International Philippines 2013 Gil Wagas (center) and his runners-up. Pic from chris_diestro of Flickr

Mister International: ‘Distinctively handsome’

From a small pageant in 2006, the Mister International pageant has evolved into “a powerful, year-round international organization that advances and supports opportunities for these young men,” as written in the Mister International website.

The pageant is owned and organized by the Mister Singapore Organization, dedicated to promoting healthy lifestyles and harnessing leadership in young men. The reigning title-holder is Ali Hammoud of Lebanon.

The 2013 Mister International pageant will be held in Indonesia on November 21 (Miss World 2013 will also be held in Indonesia on September 28).

Who’s wearing the Philippine sash? Last June 21, former University of the East (UE) cager Gil Wagas, who represented Lapu-Lapu City, was named Mister International Philippines 2013. His victory did not come as a surprise since he was considered a front-runner. Gil towers at 6’2″ with a good physique; this could work to his advantage when he competes in Indonesia later this year.

Follow updates here: http://www.mistersingapore.org/misterinternational
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/OfficialMisterInternational
Twitter: @OfficialMrIntl

Mister Manhunt International: Search for the best male model

Established in 1993, Manhunt International is the world’s longest running male pageant and model contest. Owned and trademarked by Exclusive Resources Marketing Pte Ltd and Procon Leisure International Pty Ltd., this contest aims to provide contestants and winners with a platform to launch their international modeling career.

Contestants are judged based on their catwalk and runway skills aside from their ability to be photogenic, their good looks and healthy lifestyle. Communication skills and a good personality are also considered.

The 2013 pageant will be held in Beijing, China in November.

Who’s wearing the Philippine sash? Prime Event Productions Philippines Foundation Inc, the organization behind the Mister International Philippines pageant, is set to organize this year’s search for Manhunt International Philippines. Screenings are being held all over the country as of writing, in search for the strongest delegate who can duplicate June Macasaet’s 2012 victory. The national finals is set for October.

Follow updates here: http://www.manhunt.com.sg/ and www.manhuntphilippines.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ERMManhunt

Mister World: ‘The search for the world’s most desirable man’

The Mister World pageant has been held biennially since 1996 and is organized by the Miss World Organization, the same organizer of the Miss World pageant. The contestants face tough sports and endurance challenges, as well as talent, fashion and style competitions.

In 2012, the Multimedia Challenge was added. The contestants were brought to Canterbury for a day with their cameras and mobile phones, tasked to document Canterbury. Mr Philippines won this round with his a 15-minute film exploring the Church Of England. The reigning title-holder is Francisco Escobar of Colombia.

Who’s wearing the Philippine sash? No announcement has been made yet, but CQ Global Quest Inc, the licensee of Miss World in the country, holds the right to appoint the Philippine delegate to this contest.

Follow updates here: http://www.mrworld.tv/ and http://www.missworldphilippines.com/index.php/mr-world
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MrWorldFinal
Twitter: @MrWorldOrg

The Philippines’ glorious moments in 2012 pageants

Year 2012 will surely go down in history as one of the best years for the Philippines in the international pageant arena. The country placed in all of the four major female pageants for the second consecutive year, even bagging two bridesmaid finishes. Surprisingly,  it also managed to dominate the male pageant scene, with a major title and a runner-up finish. Not only that. Pinay representatives also shone in other pageants across the globe.

As 2013 unfolds, let us look back at the defining moments of the Philippines in last year’s pageants.

1-2_zpsa0a02b50Upon her crowning as Miss World Philippines, Queneerich Rehman had been touted as a “girl to beat” in Miss World. Despite having only three-weeks to prepare, hopes were high that she could take home the country’s first Miss World crown. Many thought she was the perfect choice because she is a well-rounded beauty. True enough, she came to Ordos, Inner Mongolia well-prepared. She placed in the Beach Fashion Top 40, Performing Talent Top 5, and Top Model Top 46. Her Michael Cinco gown also made it to the Top 10 of World Fashion Designer Dress.

However, it was clear from the beginning that she had slim chances of getting the elusive crown given the row between China and the Philippines over the Scarborough Shoal. Despite this, she managed to standout. Her greatest weapon: beat boxing. Her video performance has gone viral over the net, even reaching the pages of The Huffington Post and TIME. She was expected to win the Talent round but lost to China’s Wenxia Yu (who eventually took home the crown).

Still, Queenee’s Top 15 finish, against all odds, is a feat for the Filipinos.

2-1_zps3faab033Who would have thought Filipinos will finally get noticed in the male pageant arena?

June Macasaet, 29-year old commercial and ramp model, defeated 52 other contestants at the Manhunt International pageant held in Bangkok, Thailand. He wasn’t a heavy favorite during the competition. But one can’t deny his competitiveness . He behaved well, and seemed very focused on his goal: be the first-ever Pinoy to win the Manhunt title. True enough, with his determination  he shone during the finals. He even bagged the New Urban Male Award.

Meanwhile, model and athlete Andrew Wolff finished second at Mr World 2013 held in Kent, UK. His experience as a member of Philippine Volcanoes since 2007 played an advantage to him as he placed in the Sports fast track. But his main advantage came in the Multimedia fast track where the candidates were tasked to make video. He won the award “with his energetic and engaging creations on his social media pages. He was deemed to have created the most exciting, informative and inventive news stories.” Joining the pageant made us know the other side of who was once a controversial celebrity. Andrew is actually involved with Tuloy Foundation, an advocacy group that supports marginalized children.

3-1_zpsa26351d1After so long, a Filipino finally bagged a title in a pageant for transsexual and transgenders in the person of Kevin Balot. Kevin Balot bested 20 other contestants from 15 countries en route to bagging the Miss International Queen 2012 crown. Two other Philippine representatives in the pageant made it to the top 10: Michelle Montecarlo and Miriam Jimenez.

With her success, Kevin’s only one wish is “acceptance” from her family. “I’m very proud to be the first here, and I hope my dad will accept me. Because in the family I’m the only boy, and my dad has big expectations of me. I made it. I won the International Queen Pageant, and I believe that my dad will accept me not only as his son but also as his daughter,” Kevin said in an interview after she won. And her winning answer: “I believe my dear friends that all the candidates are equally beautiful and talented but the best word that describe me as a Miss International Queen is being simple because being simple makes me simply the best.”

6_zps64cbad21Outside the Big4 pageants, Filipinos continued to excel.

Elaine Kay Moll, BBP 2012 first runner-up became the first Filipina to place in the budding Miss Supranational pageant. Defying beliefs that the pageant is anti-Filipinos, Kay made it to the Top 20 and even finished as third runner-up. Ayelee Dasalla was 2nd runner-up, Miss Humanity International. Angelee Claudette de los Reyes and Bea Rose Santiago made it to the top 10 of Supermodel International and Miss Tourism Queen of the Year International, respectively. Clarise Marie Obvio won Miss Teen Universe 2012 First Runner-up. And the best way to cap the year is to bag a crown! Rizzini Gomez won the Miss Tourism International 2012 title last night.

4-1_zpsebaed236They were both heavily bashed: Janine Tugonon right after her crowning, Stephany Stefanowitz during the Miss Earth pageant. But in the end, they both proved their detractors wrong by almost clinching the crowns.

Janine could be considered as the most bashed Philippine delegate in history. Her body was a disaster when she competed earlier this year. Many thought her win was fixed. Despite the negativities, Janine focused on her goal. That is to continue the Philippines’ two consecutive years of top five placement. Her determination to prove her detractors wrong was very evident when she came out on TV weeks weeks before the MU. She has remarkably lost weight; her shoulder blades helloing. Her styling has improved as well as her catwalk skills. When in Vegas, Janine didn’t take matters sitting down. She was always in her A-game. During the prleiminaries, she showed off her well-improved body. Despite her gown not being aesthetically beautiful, she was able to work it well. Those sealed her Top 16 fate. During the finals, Janine was obviously among the best performers. Her evening gown performance was very classy. And her final answer? It will go down in history as among the best.

For the second-straight year, the host delegate turned out to be the most bashed candidate in ME. Stephany could’ve averted all the bashings had she undergone a very rigid training to tone her body. She was obviously not in her perfect form so placing second in the swimwear competition shocked and disappointed many fans. However, it can’t be denied that Stephany is a catwalk diva. She may not be the thinnest or the sexiest, but she sure knows how to work her curves when walking. She is also facially better than her predecessor. Stones may have been cast on her, but Stephany surely proved naysayers when she came out in a better body during the top 16 swimsuit presentation. She also had a decent evening gown performance. Her answer, albeit lacking in sincerity in my opinion, is acceptable.

5_zpsde45a472The best way to wrap up 2012 is to remember the wise words from our candidates:

“For me, being Miss Universe is not just about knowing how to speak a specific language, it is being able to influence and inspire other people. So whatever language you have, as long as your heart is to serve and you have a strong mind to show to people, then you can be Miss Universe. Thank you!”

– Janine Tugonon, when asked if speaking English should be a prerequisite for Miss Universe.

“Peace, love, unity, these 3 words are the Miss International pageant. Having spent the past 3 weeks in Okinawa, I have witnessed the special connection it has with the world. Globalization and multi cultural diversity can exist. We can be uniquely global and globally unique. This is my mission. I want people to appreciate that we not only belong to local communities but world at large. By this understanding we can contribute to global goals. I am standing here in front of you open to offer my heritage and myself, as a strong compassionate responsible and independent woman in this quest for global harmony. And I can stand here proudly and consider myself an international citizen.”

– Nicole Schmitz’ heartwarming speech in Miss International