Mr International 2014-15: Fearless predictions

After postponements, withdrawals, and financial issues that rocked the organization, the 9th Mister International pageant will finally have its 2014-15 winner tonight.

A total of 29 contestants from around the world will battle it out in the annual pageant in hopes of being declared the world’s “distinctively handsome” gentleman. After careful scrutiny, here is my final predictions:

Mister International: Czech Republic
1st runner-up: Mexico
10968409_1047848558564741_962795169643626681_n2nd runner-up: Philippines
10984081_1047848618564735_4161094678010878021_n3rd runner-up: Lebanon
65786_1047848488564748_7538855795996504399_n4th runner-up: Poland

Top 10

6: Brazil
7: Slovenia
8: Colombia
9: Japan
10: Korea

Top 15

11: Indonesia
12: Thailand
13: Turkey
14: Sri Lanka
15: Singapore