2012’s Fifteen Beauties of Ageless Splendor


This is the word that would best describe the ladies that truly made an impact in pageant world in 2012. They are timeless, “not affected by the passage of time or changes in fashion”. Years will pass and but their names – and faces – will surely be remembered.

My understanding of a “timeless beauty” is that first, the lady should be facially beautiful. She need not be what others call as a “goddess”, but she should be generally accepted as beautiful. Second, she is phenomenal. She should have made an impact in the pageant arena with her beauty, wit, charm and skills or even her shares of controversies. For instance, would you call a boring beauty timeless just because she is facially sublime but she failed in other aspects of beauty pageantry?

This is a personal list of the girls who I consider as the most memorable in 2012 pageantry. I only followed two criteria. First, the girl should have been included in my final choices for the Big4 pageant where she competed. Second, she must have made a nice impression for me to remember her always.

So after weeks of working on this (I was too busy with work and other stuff), I finally present to you the fifteen beauties of ageless splendor for the year 2012.

15 sSophie Moulds, Wales World
I have to admit, I wasn’t a fan of Sophie before the pageant kicked off. I really thought she was just eyes (which I consider her lucky charm), but I was immediately swayed when I saw her in bikini. Wales definitely had the best body in the competition, and placing in the Beach Fashion top 10 confirmed that. Aside from that, she was very enthralling and her facial features were so striking. I said she could also pull a big surprise come finals night, and indeed she was named first princess.

14 Blanca Aljibes, Venezuela International
If MI pageant night started on the first day of arrival, Venezuela’s Blanca Aljibes definitely would have won the race. She was the most prepared delegate, and was definitely ready to defend her country’s successful streak in MI. She had improved and matured in terms of beauty and personality. She was a charming and alluring beauty. Her eyes were very expressive and her smile was just electrifying. Her body was jaw-dropping and when coupled with a polished catwalk, she surely was a head-turner. A lot of criticisms had been thrown at her, but she remained unfazed. Blanca indeed gave them girls a run for their money.

13 Jessica Kahawaty, Australia World
Name it, she can do it! Making it into four challenge events is already a feat in itself, what more making it into the top 10 of Beach Fashion and Top Model. Her experience in Miss International (where she represented Lebanon), might have played a big role in honing Jessica into a good pageant girl. She was good on the ramp, always styled well, and she knew exactly what she was doing. Her face may not be flawless, but she had the allure and intellect to make her a well-rounded beauty. She seemed determined to win, and so she was named second princess.

12 Rochelle Maria Rao, India International
Underestimated, but determined to leave a lasting impact – that was India’s Rochelle Maria Rao. Not a lot believed that Rochelle can be a threat in this year’s pageant. Many thought she was just hyped by her countrymen. Plain Jane, naysayers claim. But Rochelle did not take matters sitting down. She underwent intensive training and look how she had transformed. She was just stunning in every photo, even nailing the official portraits. Her face, though not as stunning as the others, was just beautiful. However, history has it that MI does not always appreciate Indian beauties, so it was still be a bumpy road ahead for Rochelle. But with her determination, she made it and opened hope for her country.

11 Wenxia Yu, China World
She was not at par with Zhang Zilin in the beauty department, but Wen Xia had the sophistication fit for a queen. Her placement in four challenge events may be partly attributed for being the host country’s delegate. However, it can be safely said she made it on her own merits. Competitive as they really are, China won’t settle for anything less. Indeed, Wenxia bagged the crown on her home turf.

10 Queneerich Rehman, Philippines World
Queneerich was the perfect choice for her country because she was well-rounded. Despite having only three weeks to prepare, she came to Ordos well-prepared and refined. This was very evident with her set of clothes and styling. She also brought her greatest weapon: beat boxing! Her video performance had gone viral over the net, even reaching the pages of The Huffington Post and TIME. If not for the row between China and the PHL over the Scarborough Shoal, it was easy to conclude that Queenie has a strong chance of becoming the Philippines’ first Miss World.

09 Natalia Pereverzeva, Russia Earth
If there was a medal for the most controversial delegate, Natalia Pereverzeva will win the gold for sure. She hit the headlines twice: first, because of her nude photos and second, for her statement regarding her country which appears on her profile page at the Miss Earth website. Despite the controversies, she made it to the Top 8. In terms of facial beauty, she was the best among the European delegates. Her styling and wardrobe was good, and she seemed well-versed in ME causes, too. It was hard to pay no heed to a candidate like her.

08 Atong Demach, South Sudan World
Since her stint in Miss Earth 2010, Atong had already captured my attention. She failed to place then. When she joined Miss World, where black delegates are given better chances of placing, my thoughts stayed the same. Armed with her inimitable complexion and height, she managed to make waves in Ordos. She did not disappoint, and placed in the top 10 in Top Model! Without a doubt, Atong was the best from Africa.

07 Tamerin Michelle Jardine, South Africa Earth
At a young age, Tamerin Michelle Jardine was told by her doctor she might not be able to finish schooling because she has dyslexia. But with her determination and hard work, she was able to finish two law degrees. This back story could be a good indicator that South Africa’s delegate is a woman of substance and firmness of purpose. True enough, she nailed every part of the competition from the start, bagging medals left and right. Facially, she was not the best, but she possessed an endearing charm that made her face a sight to behold. Her willingness to take part in making the Earth a better place to live in make a real woman of the Earth. In her own words: “I want to be the voice and the leader who acts what she says not just for my country but globally for the Miss Earth organization. I want to win Miss Earth and commit to it wholeheartedly as it is embedded in my DNA to be the aid that people need…”

06 Janine Tugonon, Philippines Universe
Bashed ’til kingdom come, Janine Tugonon could be considered as the most distrusted delegate during pre-arrival. Pressure was on her to continue the two-year placement of the Philippines in the top five, but many believe this won’t come true. Her official shots were a little underwhelming, but the preliminaries served as the real deal breaker. Despite having an unflattering gown, Janine was able to pull that number off. She glided with so much class and finesse fit for a queen. I’m no fan of ponytails, but I have to say it emphasizes her strong exotic facial beauty. Her body has indeed improved a lot, with those shoulder blades helloing and toned legs. But what really set her apart among the rest was her determination to succeed. For that, she must be commended.

05 Melody Mir, Dominican Republic International
Many thought she was in the wrong pageant, as her ferosh look and sex appeal fits perfectly for MU. She was a vixen but in the long run, has proven that she deserved to be in MI. She was very classy, wore appropriate clothing, and always came out prepared. What really convinced me that she had “it” was when she went out to mingle with the locals. I saw the sincerity in her, her eyes showed that she loved what she was doing. Also, she possessed a good face for a worthy cause.

04 Mariana Notarangelo, Brazil World
Many did not consider her as someone to beat, but being a total performer throughout the competition justified the top 7 placement of Mariana. She definitely turned critics into believers when she placed in three challenge events, most especially when she was called in the top 10 of both Beach Fashion and Top Model. This also meant height didn’t play a disadvantage to her because she got noticed, most probably because of her adorable face and magnetic aura. In the end of the pageant, she has proven that she is the best of Americas. Indeed, no one can put a good candidate down.

03 Tereza Fajksova, Czech Republic Earth
One might mistake her for Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty, because every photo and video and even a personal encounter with Tereza Fajksova for those who met her in person were indeed encounters with inimitable beauty and charm. Right from the start, she has been touted to be a real contender for the crown, and true enough, Tereza made Czech Republic really proud of her.

02 Irene Esser, Venezuela Universe
Irene emanated a jovial and energetic vibe, which seemed to have worked very well to her advantage. It can’t be denied she had a commanding presence that made her standout from the rest.

01 Melinda Bam, South Africa Universe
Melinda had been a clear standout since day once. Upon setting foot in Las Vegas, Melinda sashayed her undeniable charisma and beauty. She nailed every official photo with her natural charm and class. Melinda showed off her well-sculpted body during the swimsuit round. She looked healthy with her body that is proof of years of discipline and hard work. She was literally shining on stage as she walked in that shinning gold ensemble during the finals. She may have failed to make it to the top five, but she sure will forever be etched in our hearts.