Three Pinays vie for Miss Supranational crown

Yes, not just one but three Filipinas will be competing in this year’s Miss Supranational 2013. Here’s an overview of the new pageant and the girls.

Miss Supranational 2012 Top 5

Supra-what? Miss Supranational is a five-year old pageant run by the World Beauty Association. True to its name, the pageant aims to transcend borders by uniting the world through beauty. In its website, it says its mission is to “draw attention to those countries on their way to become tourism destinations of high attraction” and “enable the youth to expand their horizons by showing them the beautiful side of a truly globalized world”. This year’s pageant will be held on September 6 in Minsk, Belarus, the home country of the reigning queen Ekaterina Buraya.

Voting for Miss Supranational Internet will started last August 9. The winner will automatically get a spot in the Top 20. Visit this page for more details:

Who will be wearing the Philippine sash? During this year’s Bb Pilipinas pageant night, Mutya Johanna Datul sashayed grace and elegance in her glittering long gown, en route to bagging the Best in Evening Gown prize. From that moment, she was destined to win the crown, until she answered her final question. This was expected, though, because she had been vilified online weeks prior to the finals for her English-speaking skills. Nevertheless, her dream to become a beauty queen still came true. She was named Bb Pilipinas-Supranational. It was the right decision to send her to Miss Supranational since there’s no Q&A segment there.


In one of her interviews, Mutya said she is working on how to improve her communication skills and that she is determined to bring home the crown. This girl is among the top favorites by pageant fans to win the crown, alongside Brazil’s Racquel Benetti and Puerto Rico’s Desiree del Rio. With her inimitable charm and never-say-die attitude, Mutya will surely take Belarus by storm.

The other Pinays in the pageant. Mutya, for sure, won’t have a hard time adjusting in Belarus as she will be joined by two more Filipinas in the pageant.

Marie Molo Peter and Suzette Hernandez, both Bb Pilipinas almuni, will be representing Norway and Canada, respectively, in this year’s Miss Supranational.

Marie Molo Peter, NORWAY

Marie placed 2nd runner-up in this year’s Miss Norway Universe pageant. This 22-year-old competed in last year’s Bb Pilipinas but went home empty-handed and in Miss Humanity International in Barbados. At present, she is among Miss Universe Norway Organization’s show walk instructors during the training courses for fresh candidates.

Suzette Hernandez, CANADA

Vancouver-based Suzette is no stranger to pageants. She was first runner-up in Mutya ng Pilipinas 2010, a Bb Pilipinas 2011 candidate and Miss Universe Canada (MUC) 2012 Top 12 finalist. Aside from that, this 26-year-old is an experienced ramp model and an avid traveler. In her profile page for MUC, she said she “believes that anything is possible through hard work, perseverance and determination.” True to her words, she finally won the right to represent Canada in an international competition.

Hall of Fame. The Philippines’ highest placement so far was Elaine Kay Moll’s third runner-up finish last year.

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Photos from the Miss Supranational site