63rd Miss Universe pageant: Top 20 Web Interviews

The official web interviews for the 63rd Miss Universe pageant were made available earlier today on YouTube. The change in the format was a welcome move because we get to know more about the girls instead of just asking them a two or three random questions (from previous editions).

After watching all 88 girls, I would want to share my favorite Web Interviews.

What were my criteria for picking these 20 girls? First, they should be able to get the message across without going around the bush. Second, there should be an air of genuineness in their manner of speaking. Finally, they must be remarkable.

Here they are:

1) Australia

2) British Virgin Islands

3) Serbia

4) Jamaica

5) Philippines

6) Venezuela

7) USA

8) South Africa

9) Colombia

10) Ireland

11) Argentina

12) Costa Rica

13) Ecuador

14) Guyana

15) Malaysia

16) Mexico

17) Dominican Republic

18) Ghana

19) Italy

20) Austria